Blog Update|Opinions

Hey Guys, My social media pages and blog have been rather quiet this week. I have taken some time out, for myself. I turned my phone off for 3 days and completely zoned out for a while. The phone went off Tuesday evening, and I didn’t turn it back on until Saturday morning. I  haven’t … More Blog Update|Opinions

Crayon Melt DIY.

Hey Guys, I have been a little obsessed with Pinterest recently, follow me here, and have been looking at some DIY projects I am able to take part in. I have to say I am not the most artistic, so I needed to find some easier tasks. I came across a few that I liked … More Crayon Melt DIY.

No-Spend August

Hey Guys, seeing as today is the 1st of the month, I feel today is the perfect time to start a no-spend challenge. I am going to aim for the full 31 days of August, but will hopefully be able to do it for a bit longer. I am going to be purchasing the essentials, … More No-Spend August