Crayon Melt DIY.

Hey Guys, I have been a little obsessed with Pinterest recently, follow me here, and have been looking at some DIY projects I am able to take part in. I have to say I am not the most artistic, so I needed to find some easier tasks. I came across a few that I liked the look of, and felt the need to share them with Sam. One particular one caught his eye, which is what we both decided to make, as a joint effort.

We purchased three different sized Canvases from B&M, all for just £3.99. We then went to our local Tesco to purchase 2 packets of Crayons, I felt one wouldn’t be enough – I was right!

After searching on my Pinterest board for a while, we managed to remind ourselves on how to make this. We then took to Google for a simple outline of a man and woman stood underneath an Umbrella. After searching for a what seemed like forever, we found one that we could mutually agree on. Now, Sam has been gifted with the talent of drawing, so I could leave him to that part alone – I struggle at drawing a stick man at the best of times! He copied the outline of the two people, as well as the umbrella. He then added in a little kitten to the bottom of my leg, we had spoke about adding one in before we had even decided we was going to make this!

Once the outline was done, we then went in to fill it in. We decided to go with having it completely black – Almost like a shadow. We first went in with coloured pencils, but this didn’t work very well. We then found two different permanent markers, which both ran out! We still haven’t managed to complete the filling in, because of this!

While Sam was finishing the last bit of colouring with the pencil, I opened both packs of crayons and laid them out into an order which I liked. Rainbow, of course! We purchased some Superglue, and I got gluing. I originally put the glue directly onto the crayon, which didn’t work. So I then went on to apply the glue to the canvas and stick the crayons on top. This was an easier way, I could apply more crayons at a time, and they stuck a lot better. After each section I applied a little pressure for about a minute, just till I felt they wouldn’t move.

Before hair-drying the crayons to make them melt, I wanted to leave it for a while so the glue could properly dry. After about 30 minutes, we then on to the hair-drying stage. I used the cardboard from inside a toilet roll to stop the crayon going over the umbrella. I taped the tube, from the bottom. For extra security Sam held the tube there, while I did the fun part! At first I didn’t think the crayons were going to melt, because the first few took ages. Once the hair dryer was warm enough, and the heat had been applied for about 5 minutes, the magic started! I placed the hair-dryer at the top of the canvas, so the air was directly down. I slowly made my way along the crayons, making sure each one was melting to the bottom of the canvas.

We then left it to dry and cool for about 10 minutes, removed the cardboard. We then took a step back to look at the masterpiece we had just created.

We are both super happy with how easy this is to make, and how effective this is. It is definitely going to be a statement piece in our new place! I feel now we have made one piece together, I am sure we are going to get a little more arty and make a lot more! I have so many different pins on my board, and would love to try a lot of them out!

If you have been creative I would love to know what you have made recently! Thanks for reading, Jade xo


22 thoughts on “Crayon Melt DIY.

  1. This is such a good idea for something to do together on a rainy day! And so cute that you’ll display it in your place together 🙂 I really want to try doing some artsy stuff now, to pinterest I go!
    Alice Xx

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  2. I’ve always seen this and thought they looked amazing! That’s so cute that it’s your first bit of art together! I’m terrible at making things, so haven’t done anything arty in ages x

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