100DaysOfMakeup 1-6

Hey Guys, this time last week I let you know which series was the most voted within the 5 I had chosen, if you would like to see the other options click here. The most popular one was, as you can tell, the 100 Days Of Makeup Challenge. I have seen this so many times, and follow a page on Instagram about it. I love seeing everyone else’s post, and am really enjoying taking part in this. I will be posting every makeup look I create in my Instagram, so if you’re not follow make sure you do to keep up with me and this challenge! This is the first week I have been taking part within this challenge, so welcome to the first 7 looks I have created.

Day 1;

For this I wanted to get creative, I didn’t want the first day to become a normal makeup look, that I could do any day. I started with orange within the crease, and finished with blue on the lid. I wanted to put two colours together that I wouldn’t normally do, because of my Blue eyes I have always steered clear of blue shadow. After seeing a post from BeffShuff, who can rock the blue makeup looks with having blue eyes I took the plunge and tried it. I then finished the look with a simple base, and a nude lip.

For more information on the products used click here.

Day 2;

I have been wanting to try a purple look for a while now, but never really had the confidence to try it out. Which, is why I tried it for the second day of this challenge. I am really happy with how this look turned out. I went with a light purple in the crease, a shimmery purple on the lid and a darker purple on the outer corner. I didn’t want to risk any liner with this look because I was really happy with how the shadow looked. I then wanted to make my cheek bones pop, so used a pretty strong contour. I also wanted to do something different with my lips, so I took a dark purple on the top lip, and applied a lighter purple to the bottom lip.

For more information on the products used click here.

Day 3;

I really enjoyed putting purple into my look the day before, but didn’t feel I went in with enough, so for day three I wanted to add some more purple. I originally went in the crease with a purple, but removed it and started again. I applied brown and black into the crease and outer corner. I then used a little foundation to cover the lid, and went in with the pink/purple shade. I wanted to create a soft cut crease look, and wanted the purple to stand out loads, which is why I applied foundation to the lid first. As soon as I applied it to the lid I fell in love with the colour, which I used it in other places too. I applied a small amount of the eye shadow to the top of my cheek bones, but applied a white highlight on the top. I used a nude lipstick on the lips, using my finger I put the eye shadow over the top. The favourite look of the three uses was on the lips, as uncomfortable as it felt, it looked lovely.

Click here to see the shadow I used!

Day 4;

Day three was completely inspired by the Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Kymajesty. I love this product, and don’t have the confidence to wear it often. I had a sudden burst of confidence on this day, and decided to go for it. I put a little bronzer in the crease, and went with a pretty bold winged liner. I then wanted a plain base, so only used some foundation concealer, powder and bronzer. I don’t want to have contoured or anything, but with such a dark lip, there needs to be some colour in the skin. I used a white highlighter, and applied a lot, as I love to use a lot of highlight. I then applied a black pencil liner to the lip, and went in with the lipstick.


Day 5;

I tried to create a soft cut crease in a previous look, and wanted to go all out for this one. I went in the crease with light and dark brown shadows, making sure to go all the way to the inner part of my eye. I then went in with foundation over the lid, and created a sharp line between the crease colour. I had wanted to go for a more autumnal look for this look because the weather was pretty terrible. I decided to go with an orange for the lid, I packed the colour on and went in with winged liner. I used a darker powder than usual for my brows, and kept the face natural. With no contouring, and only a little highlight. I finished the look off with a natural pink lip.


Day 6;

For the sixth day, I was feeling a little ill. I had a super bad headache and was ready for the bed the minute I left. So I wanted to make it a pretty natural look. I went with bolder brows, some foundation – I used a little extra foundation instead of concealer for the under eyes! I am super impressed with how this actually turned out! I put a pink gloss over the lips, and some brown eye shadow through the crease, that was kind of it.


I realised while putting all of these pictures in that I basically make the same face, and take all photos at the same angle! I guess you could say I have found my best angle?!
That’s all from me today! I hope you have enjoyed the first post of this, I have definitely enjoyed getting more creative with my makeup! If you have any ideas or inspiration for any looks let me know in the comments, I would love to try out some looks from you guys! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram or add me on Snapchat,  to keep updated with each and every look on the actual day! Thanks for reading, Jade xo

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21 thoughts on “100DaysOfMakeup 1-6

  1. I’m loving the looks so far, girl! I think day number 2 is my favourite, such a gorgeous colour on those eyelids!! I salute you for doing 100 whole days, that takes some motivation haha! Can’t wait to see the rest.
    Alice Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Me too! It’s proving to be a little harder than I thought, but that’s okay! I’m going to push through it! I’m sure once I have finished I won’t wear makeup for a while after🙈xo


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