W7 First Impressions.

Hey Guys, I went shopping a few days back for some home items in B&M. I then came across a little makeup section, and I was just planning to walk straight past it, till I seen it was the brand W7. I have never tried anything from this brand before, but have heard a lot of good things about their products. I picked up a few items from there, a lot of it was broken and not the right shade! I was going to pick up a few more items if they was in the correct shade and in tact, but I ended with just 4.


As soon as I seen the W7 Hollywood Bronze & Glow I put that straight into the trolley, as I remember seeing a post about this product saying how amazing it was. I think they actually said it was a  dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow. The bronzer is a shimmery one, it has some sort of gold shimmer too it, which I actually quite like. I normally steer right away from the shimmer ones, but for some reason this one I wanted to get even more because of that. The highlight is a golden one as well, but it isn’t too much. This is going to be more of an every day one for me, because I do like an extremely bright highlight for most of the time. The bronzer did feel a little powdery when I swatched this, but we will see how it wears on the face. Both of these ace powders seem to be of a good quality and blend out really nicely.

The next thing I seen is the W7 Blush With Me Colour Cubes. I picked up the darker one first, not realising there was two different shades. Luckily, I ended with the lighter one – Without even realising this! There is 4 shades all together, and I tried them all separately at first, then realised I would probably just use them all together. With them all swirled together the colour looked so much nicer. I don’t wear blush often, but this looks like its going to become a favourite rather quickly. Its pigmented enough to show on the cheeks, but not to pigmented i’m going to hide it at the back of my drawer and not use it again.

EDIT: do not but this product, I applied it to my cheeks with a brush and my skin was burning! It left me with bright red cheeks, underneath the makeup. My skin was irritated for a while afterwards.

The product I am most excited for is the W7 Mighty Mattes Matte Eye Colour Palette. I have only heard good things of these palettes, as so many people say they are dupes for the Naked palettes. I haven’t tried any of them, so I cant actually comment on that. I tried only 4 shades in the palette, and am super impressed with all of them. They are all super pigmented, I only swiped my finger along the eye shadow and my hand once, and this is the colour pigmentation that came off! I just hope that they blend really well.

The last thing I purchased is the W7 Mega Matte Lips Shade – .I tried this on my lips before I actually swatched it. When I applied it the first layer seemed super patchy. I then applied the second coat and it completely evened out. Even though this is a matte look it doesn’t feel drying on my lips at all, I like that because my lips are normally really dry but this lipstick didn’t accentuate that at all. It doesn’t feel like I am wearing anything on them. The colour pay off isn’t as high as thought it was going to be, but I quite like that for a more natural makeup look.

I would love to know if you have tried anything from W7, and what you thought about it! Thanks for reading, Jade xo

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5 thoughts on “W7 First Impressions.

  1. You should try out the W7 Catwalk concealer. I love it so much I’ve repurchased. It is low-medium coverage which is great for the no makeup look which I wear for school! Xx

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