Period Remedies.

Hey Guys, As a woman we all experience the nasty period visiting us once a month – Thanks Mother Nature! I have never really struggled with bad cramping, hormonal changes or a heavy flow. Until last month! I actually took two days off work because it was so painful, I have never had that before so I took to Pintrest to find some help on how to reduce and help with this. There was a lot of interesting things, and I would like to share with you the things that I found, and whether they worked or not.

Hot Water Bottle. Aside from the fact that it burns my skin if I hold it on my stomach for too long, I found this to be really helpful. I actually put a bit of cold water into the bottle so it wasn’t too hot for me. I would hold this on my stomach, usually by my knees because I was in a position that didn’t hurt as much, meaning my legs were as close to my chest as they could be! With this on my stomach I felt it helped reduce the cramps a little, and made me warmer, which probably wasn’t the best thing because although I felt freezing, I was sweating a lot – the water bottle didn’t help with that.

Bananas. I didn’t find this worked straight away. I think eating a banana is one of those things that works over time and you just don’t notice – or maybe it didn’t work at all? If it did it was only slight, and not noticeable. I feel this is one of those things that might help your uterus to repair.

Yoga. I feel this helped a little with the cramps, as its making you go into positions that you wouldn’t go into in day-to-day life. It stretches the area, and makes the cramps a little easier to deal with, and it takes your mind off the pain, which always helps!

Light Exercise. This is different to yoga, as its getting your heart rate going. I didn’t feel this helped at all, when I’m on my period I don’t want to get out of bed to go for a run, or do a workout. I think that when you’re on the body takes longer to repair other muscles because its working on repairing the uterus. So this one didn’t really help for me, I mean it made me feel a little more motivated than I would of if I just stayed in bed, but it didn’t reduce the cramps or anything like that.

Tender Breasts. This is something that I have always struggles with while being on my period. I try to reduce this by wearing a bra with no under wire. This helps them to be a little more free, and the fabric doesn’t push against them like a wire does. Also, whenever I can I will go braless – This helps me so much as there is nothing in the way pushing them into different positions, they can be a free as they like. *I wouldn’t recommend this is you’re planning to do any exercise though, as this could make them hurt more.

Bad Back. This is something I had struggled with a little before, but last month it was a lot more painful than normal. I find that curling up in a ball helps with this as It stretches out the muscles. The hot water bottle was good for this as well, as I can put it on the bottom of my back, were the pain is the worst, and the heat seemed to relieve the pain a little.

Cravings. I am awful at trying to control this one! As soon as I know my period is on its way I head straight to the convenience store; Right around the corner! Pick up a few unhealthy snacks and make my way straight to the bedroom! I am really trying to reign this bad habit of mine in at the moment, and the only way I am managing is to swap bad food for healthy food. I still eat LOADS more than I normally would, but instead of it being chocolate its more grapes. I also try and do my research, so when I am craving a certain thing I know what essential it is my body actually wants / needs.

Image result for cravings chart

If you have any more tips to help with that time of month, then please let me know! Anything to make it a little easier, am I right?! Thanks for reading, Jade xo



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  1. I absolutely love the hot water bottle, I can’t go without it during my period! Make sure the water isn’t steaming when you pour it into the bottle, though–you shouldn’t be getting burnt, if you are that means the water is too hot. 🙂

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