The Results Are In…

Hey Guys, Last week I held a poll on my blog for you to decide which series I was going to take part in next. My Makeup Collection series lasted 7 weeks, which was something I really enjoyed taking part in. I loved having 3 posts going live a week; With that series now complete I would like to take part in something different. I came up with 5 different ideas, because I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to start off I let you guys decide for me. I have now closed this poll and the results are in.

60 Week Project Pan. This was something I have been looking into for a while now, I seen a post on it and changed it up a little. The original post was to choose 5 different things to pan, but I was going to take part in them all. This was the least voted option with 9.52% of votes.

A-Z Of Makeup. Something I started, and have not had the creative juices to finish yet. Going through the alphabet, I was going to do a post on something that began with that letter, for 26 weeks. This came in fourth place with 14.29% of votes.

52 Week Blogging Challenge. Something I have not yet looked into, but was going to adapt a lot of the 30 days blogging challenges I have been looking at. This was in third place with 19.05% of votes.

In Second place with 23.81% of votes is Share My Favourite Bloggers. I feel because this was a popular one, I might do a feature once a month, or fortnightly of a different blogger each time. I haven’t made my mind up whether I am going to add them into my monthly posts, create a post on each blogger, or put a few bloggers into one post. This is something I am going to take part in though, because, even though it was the most voted I think every single blogger deserve some extra loving.

Which leaves 100 Day Makeup Challenge in first place, with 28.57% of all votes. This is something I have been collecting ideas from for a few weeks now. I have been wanting to do this since I started my blog, but never felt it was the right time. I mean, when is the right time to create 100 different makeup looks consecutively?! But, seeing as this is something you guys want to see, its something I am willing to take part in. Day 1 will be Tomorrow (5th August 2017), making the last day 13th November 2017. This sounds pretty insane, that is such a long time!

I will be posting every look I create on my Instagram, so make sure you are following me on there, to keep updated on looks and products used every day. – My social media links are at the bottom of this post! I feel like posting on my blog every single day is going to be too much for me to do, so I will be blogging the looks on a Friday. I can then have my normal posts up every Wednesday and Sunday, as usual. Then in place of the previous series, I will be posting the looks.

If you have any ideas, or anything you want me to try out then please let me know! I would love to hear your ideas. Also, I am going to try to post some looks inspired by my followers; you guys! So if you have any makeup looks you would like me to recreate or take inspiration from, then please leave the link in the comments! I wont be doing any looks that have not been commented, because I don’t want to offend anyone by doing it without their permission. Thanks for reading, Jade xo

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11 thoughts on “The Results Are In…

  1. I’m actually looking forward to getting a bit more creative with my makeup, feel a little stuck in the same ways at the moment! Make sure to check my Instagram and here for the looks☺️ xo

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