Top 5 Men Skincare Brands.

Hey Guys, Today I would like to talk about the men in our lives. Whether it be our partners, friends or family. I feel they need a little more guidance than us women when it comes to the beauty world, we can’t totally leave them out! Which is why I am going to share with you my top 5 Skin care brands for Men. I have been asked to this by a friend on mine; Jordan (Yes! He asked me to write his name!) I feel there is a large amount of different skin care items out there for the men ranging from high-end to drugstore.

Nivea Men.

I couldn’t talk about Men Skin care and not include Nivea. They are the most well-known brand out there, within the men beauty world. I really like how Nivea has everything you will ever need. There are specific products for those with sensitive skin, aging skin and normal skin. There is roll on and spray deodorant, as some men get the right benefits from owning just one. I like how they have managed to include everyone within their range, because a lot of men have sensitive skin, especially after shaving. There a ‘Silver Protect’ which is aimed at the men who need a stronger product to fight against body odour, which is something that not many people like to talk about. With products ranging from a face cream right the way to antiperspirants, there isn’t really anything they don’t cover.

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Dove Men.

Dove is a great brand for everyone, they have different products for babies, men and women. One thing I really like about Dove is the ‘Self-Esteem Project’. This project aims to bring out the confidence in every single person, by joining with psychologists to create a programme for bringing the self-esteem out in yourself. Check out their page on that here. This men skin care range is no exception to this. Although, focusing mainly on face products, they have come out with 3 different face washes, one is for sensitive skin, one for dry skin, and another for a deep clean. They have just one face cream, and one moisturizer for the drier skin. The one thing I really like about Dove’s skin care range, is the gift sets. They have a large range of them, one suited for everyone. When buying the gift set, you can save yourself some money and time! Just pick up a gift set and your ready. If skin care for your man is something that is rather new to him, I would recommend starting with the Dove brand, because of its softness to the skin and there is a limited amount of products, so there isn’t too much to get confused about – The price is just a bonus!

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Clinique Men.

Clinique is more of a higher end brand than the previous two. Price aside, I still feel I need to incorporate this into my list! While on their site I found a link to which you can find your skin type, I think this will help men whether they are planning to buy Clinique or not. I feel a lot of men don’t really know much about their skin type, and have probably bene buying and using the wrong products for ages. Time to change that! Find out your skin type here. They have a wide range of cleansing and exfoliation products, which I feel other brands lack. They have a cleansing brush designed just for men, along with tonic water and clay face washes. This really is the perfect range for the men who really like to look after their skin. Along side the normal Shaving Ge and Post-Shave Balm they have a Beard Conditioner, which is designed to make your beard soft and manageable. I really like how Clinique have gone that one step further to make men feel positive in their skin, with their ‘targeted solutions’ products. These items include a soothing eye gel, bronzer and a spot corrector.

It was also voted for in the Vogue Top 10 Best Mens Skin care Products 2016.

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Clarins Men.

Clarins is the perfect starting point for men when it comes to skin care. There are products for every type of skin out there. Their packaging is pretty simple, but I suppose that’s what men want?! From products for Age Control, Hydration and Puffiness. There isn’t something they have missed out. As well as having their individual products, they sell gift sets which are great if skincare isn’t something you know much about. It gives you different products, that are smaller than full size to try out. Moving away from the face they have products designed especially for men bodies. They have three different roll-on deodorant sticks and a shampoo & body wash combined – These are not targeted for any type of skin though. Even though there is not loads of products within the men’s range, I feel there is enough to get started out in the skin care world. With everything you will need, in simple labelled packaging.

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L’Oréal Men Expert.

Moving back to drugstore L’oreal Men Expert range has the main focus of the face. With face wash for every type of skin, there is nothing they have missed. Each one with a different purpose from exfoliation to moisturisation. I like how the packaging is colourful and bright, with a lot going on. This packaging is great when on the shelf, because of its bright colours it stands out much more than most. Their Hydra range looks to be the most popular, with 5 face wash products within the collection. Recently, they have released a new range for men with sensitive skin, in a funky looking white and green packaging. Along side the face wash, they have one cream designated especially for the eye area. Again, within their Hydra range, with expected result of a more youthful healthy eye area.

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If there are any more skin care ranges designed for men that you would like to share, I would love to read about them in the comments below! I feel men skincare is something that goes massively overlooked, which I think shouldn’t be. Thanks for reading, Jade xo



17 thoughts on “Top 5 Men Skincare Brands.

  1. What a great post! I hardly ever hear about men’s skincare products and I’m always intrigued especially when it comes to birthdays and christmas!

    Ellie x

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  2. Wow – what a great post. You’re absolutely right; men definitely seem to need a bit of extra help when it comes to beauty and skincare products! Although in the recent years it seems to be getting more acceptable for men to take more care of themselves which I LOVE x

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