No-Spend August

Hey Guys, seeing as today is the 1st of the month, I feel today is the perfect time to start a no-spend challenge. I am going to aim for the full 31 days of August, but will hopefully be able to do it for a bit longer. I am going to be purchasing the essentials, as well as anything we are going to need for the new house.

My essentials include:

  • Food.
  • Driving lessons – £24 a week.
  • Phone Bill – £39 a month.
  • Any items we are lacking for the new place.
  • (If we move into the new place) – Bills.

Where I am right now:

When buying food, I am someone who hates doing a weekly shop, and would much prefer to pop into the convenience store on the way to work almost every day, and spend around £5/£10 on food for that day. I will always go in there and purchase more than I need, and then end up eating it when I get home from work, resulting in me skipping on tea because of eating rubbish most of the day. I would like to start enjoying the weekly shop a little more, and purchase things at a cheaper price, with more of a selection on things to have during the day. This could potentially save me around £30 a week!

I have a driving lessons once a week, which costs me £24. I will get £30 cash out, and the remaining £6 I will spend on anything and everything. I will just pop to the shop and grab some unhealthy snack for the evening. I would like to stop doing that, and either give him the correct money so I have no change, or save the change in a pot. This will save me £6 a week!

I will put a lot of my expenses onto my card when shopping, when doing this my thought process is something along the lines of ‘its only x amount, it will be fine’. I would like to stop doing this, by getting out a lot of cash when I get paid weekly. I find when I have cash I am less likely to spend it, as I don’t like breaking into a new note and having loads of change. I just feel when I have the money in my hand, it’s a lot easier to manage what I am spending, rather than just popping it on the card and not having to think twice about it.

I like to drink a lot of fizzy drinks, whether it be flavoured water or cola. I am not sure why I buy myself these drinks because I never enjoy drinking the, I much prefer having some squash by my side instead of a glass of diet-coke. I will always purchase the big bottles because they are cheaper, but never end up drinking them. I am going to stop doing this completely, and stick to drinking squash. This could save at least £20 a month!

I have a lot of makeup currently, and don’t actually NEED any more. As much as I would like to treat myself to some new makeup, I have a lot of the old stuff I would like to use up first. Which is why I am going to not spend any money on makeup, for at least one month, and see how well I do. I am currently now wearing makeup every day, but I would really like to try again, as I used to wear it every day. Now I am in a job that requires me to start at 8am, and I have a boyfriend who is a very light sleeper, I try to avoid waking him too early for my makeup routine. I am going to start waking a little earlier everyday to try to include a little something in the morning for my makeup, so I will be using some of this up within the course of month hopefully. This could save £30 a month!

Where I would like to be:

  • Have a lot less makeup, without spending any money.
  • Drink just water/squash instead of fizzy drinks.
  • Cancelled my Spotify premium.
  • Have a pot with the change from my driving lesson each week inside.
  • Take part in a weekly shop.
  • Have no trips to the convenience store – This will also result in less cigarettes purchased.
  • Purchase less snacks, and have three meals a day.
  • Eating out isn’t really something I enjoy doing anyway, but I will be aiming to completely cut it out.
  • Save more than I spend

As much as I hate to admit it I am more of a spender than I am a saver. I am hoping with this challenge I am going reign myself in a little with my spending habits, to create the start of a savings pot to go toward something. There is so many things I want to purchase, that are a lot of money. If I start with stopping on the little things, I feel this will help to stop on the bigger things. I am hoping, like with most things, as soon as I start to see some improvement it will encourage me to keep at it, and try more.

I would love to know if you have taken part in a no-spend challenge! If so, what was the outcome? & Do you have any tips for me? Thanks for reading, Jade xo



14 thoughts on “No-Spend August

  1. I admire you so much for this because damn I could not do it!😩 I feel you on not technically needing makeup but wanting it 👌🏼 Good luck babe!💖

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  2. I also find I spend more than save! I totally agree with putting shopping purchases onto my card thinking “it’s only this amount…It’ll be fine”…. I need to get out of doing that too. Good idea on using up old makeup you already have, I’ve beentrying to do the same thing. I will admit though, I could never cancel my spotify premium it’s too useful for me.

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  3. Great list. For me, the the fact of having one or maybe two monthly purchases for food and supplies saves me up to 30% of budget. And also snacks, I buy my snacks in the bulk, but try to buy this organic stuff with actual ingredients that do have things good for my body. Me, I could not live without my spotify premium, hahahaha I can live without anything else, but spotify is my must 😉

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  4. Thats a good idea! I am going to try weekly shopping, then go for fortnightly and see how that works for me. That’s a good idea! I will try to buy them in bulk, and healthier ones, because I love snacking. So if I do healthily I won’t feel as bad!xo


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