Jade’s Month – July 2017.

Hey Guys, This has been one hell of a month for me. Not just within the blogging world, but working world too! I have been decided whether college is a good idea for me, and whether I want a career change or not. I am still undecided! The blogging side of things has completely manic as well, I feel I have been non-stop all month! Here is a link to my previous month, if you would like to see what I was up too last month!

Here is a link to each one of my posts, which I have published within July:

One Lovely Blog Award/3 – The third time I get nominated for this award! I have a lot of fun doing awards, and this is no exception.

Kiko Eyeliner Review. – My first ever product from the brand KIKO. A black / Purple eyeliner, click to see what I think of it!

Makeup Collection/5 – This is the fifth of the series, which is the post I share with you showing all of my eyeshadow palettes and highlighting products.

LUSH Scrubee Body Butter Review. – Totally obsessed with LUSH now, this is the new bumble bee body butter and what I think of it.

Red Lip Makeup Look. – A classic red lip, and how I create the look is within this post.

Makeup Collection/6 – If you like skin care products, this is the post for you! It’s a mini review on each of the face creams I own.

Struggling With Sleep. – Something I struggle with recently, my tops tips on how to get yourself a good night sleep.

500 Followers! – I REACHED 500 FOLLOWERS! To celebrate this, I made a post and asked you all some questions, if you haven’t answered already go over and answer them now.

Everything5Pounds.com Haul. – Welcome to my first ever fashion post! Well, I just take pictures of some new clothes I ordered!

Liebester Award/4 – My second award of the month, The liebester award.

Makeup Collection/7  – The last post in the series! I show you the brushes I own and where I purchased them from.

The Blogger Crowd Planning Pack. – I managed to get my hands on a Blogging Pack early, and let you all know what I think of it!

Mystery Mascara. – A mascara that is completely covered, I reviewed and tested it. Come take a guess at what product this is.

Mystery Blogger Award/2 – The second time I have been nominated for this award. See if you have been nominated.

The Happiest Award/1 – A tag created as a 500 followers post, and has taken off. Take a look to see if you have been tagged.

B. Moisture Gel & Eye Cream Review. – My thoughts on the two new skin care products I recently purchased.

Beauty Product: My favourite beauty product this month has been my new Sleek – Eyebrow Pencil. I have been undecided on whether to get a pencil or not, I usually use a powder for my brows. I actually picked this up because I had died my hair a lighter colour, and needed a lighter product for my brows. I love this, it makes doing my brows so much easier!


3 Things That Have Made Me Happy: Right at the beginning of the month me, my sister and my mother took part in the Race For Life. It was great fun and I really enjoyed the whole day.

The second: Demi Lovato has come out with a new song, and I LOVE it! I love Demi anyway, and this song is amazing. The video is great, she looks amazing, I don’t think she has actually looked better!

The third thing, which I think is the thing that has made the happiest. My boyfriend purchased me the Love Island water bottle as a surprise! I really wanted it, but thought £18 was too expensive for a water bottle, so I decided I wasn’t going to get it. Around a week later I then opened a package to find the water bottle inside! – Thanks Sam!

My Favourite Experience: Spending the evening with my little sister on her birthday. She turned 6 on the 20th of this month, and I love to see her when she is happy. Of course, children love their birthdays and get far too excited! It was lovely to see her face when she opened her birthday present, and just being over-excited.


Proudest Moment: My proudest moment was crossing the line at the Race For Life. I was never going to run it, as I was nowhere near a 5K run yet. But I bit the bullet and really went for it. The first time I had ever ran a total of 5K was on that day, and it took me only 39 minutes!

Random Act Of Kindness: Someone had left a letter on the floor by the post box, as I was posting letters I seen it there on the floor. I picked it up and put it into the post box for them.

Favourite TV Show/Book: I haven’t read again this month, but me and my boyfriends have now got Netflix! We watched the series Scream within a week! It was so gripping, as soon as we put it on we literally could not turn it off! IF you like a thriller you are going to LOVE this series! There is only 2 seasons at the moment, but there is a third coming out this year – Which I am super excited for!

I didn’t get up too as much as I usually do this past month, due to trying to save money for the move! Still, no update on that! But as soon as we are in and sorted I am going to give you maybe a tour?! I have so many different blog posts planned, but am waiting to move before I try anything new! Stay tuned for any house updates plus any new and exciting things! Thanks for reading, Jade xo

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