B. Moisture Gel & Eye Cream Review.

Hey Guys, I have really been trying to up my skincare routine, as I currently don’t have one at all. I don’t wear makeup everyday, so I find it hard to sit at the makeup desk and apply products to my face, when there is nothing to be removed – It completely slips my mind. I purchased two new face products to try and force myself into a little night routine; which so far hasn’t worked!
I really like the way B. has labelled each item within a ‘Skin Phase’, this made it a lot easier for me to understand the order to apply each product. *which I have recently found out this is not what each phase is for! Each phase is targeted for different ages: Phase 1: From your late 20s& 30s. Phase 2: From your late 30s. Phase 3: From your late 40s. Phase 4: From your late 50s, 60s & Beyond. This has actually put me off a little of these products, I really don’t like to purchase something that has a defined targeted age restriction. I enjoy using anti-aging face creams, because I feel they work the best for me, not because I need them with my little baby face!* There is 4 phases in total, which I purchase one product from the first and second phase.
Phase 1: B. Confident Moisture Gel. The packing makes the product look like a high end one! It has a white lid, and the jar itself is almost frosted glass looking. The product itself was not what I was expecting, I have never tried a gel before so I didn’t really know what to expect. On first opening, the product is green in colour and looks the same texture as pure Aloe Vera *Which I have only ever seen videos of! It smells a little artificial, but that’s only when you really smell it – which I am not sure many people will do! The strongest scent that comes from the gel is a refreshing almost minty smell, its a complete summer scent! When I first applied it to my face it was instantly cooling to the skin. I used a small amount, which goes a long way! When rubbing it into the skin it instantly made my face feel hydrated and younger. It did leave my face feeling a little tacky for a while after using it, which has never happened too me because my skin needs as much moisture as it can get! I am very shocked on how well this product has worked for me and my dry skin. After now, having used a gel I don’t think I will be going back to a cream moisturiser again. The gel has done so much more for my skin that I thought! I will give this product a 9/10 – Because of the slightly artificial scent.
        Skin Phase 1 has three key active ingredients. 1) Niacinamide – This helps to even skin tone and prevents blemishes by regulating the skin that is prone to any imperfections. 2) Environmental Protection – This helps by creating a layer over the skin to help protect from any harmful chemicals in the surrounding air. 3) Hyaluronic Acids – This helps by holding in any water that is places there, keeping the skin hydrated and smooth. There was a 42% increase of hydration to the skin that the gel was applied too, even after 12 hours. 51 people tried this moisture gel twice a day for 4 weeks, the results: 91% said their skin feels moisturised, 77% said the gel is an ideal base for makeup and 73% said their skin looks and feels healthier.

Phase 2: B. Radient Eye Cream. This packaging I was a little disappointed at, after seeing the first one that looks so luxurious. This comes in just a white plastic tube, with the black writing of the product on the front. When I first unscrewed the lid of this there was cream all over the nub of the product, meaning I had to wipe it before I could use it – The product was completely sealed when I purchased this. I was expecting a piece of foil or something over the end of it, so there was no risk of the product squeezing out, but it did! This product claims to be a cream, but I would say it is more of a gel. The texture is more like a gel, and it is clear in colour! I don’t know any other cream that is clear?! The scent is a pretty strong one, that smells pretty artificial. I don’t know how to describe this scent very well, its not something I am very fond of though. I apply a small amount to the eye area and rub gently using my ring finger. I do think it makes my eye area feel a lot cooler which I feel will reduce bags and puffiness from the area. I am really enjoying the product itself, its the other factors that have let it down for me personally. I am going to give this product a 7/10 – Because they say its a cream when it is more like a gel, and the scent is something I feel a little uncomfortable putting around my eye area.
Phase 2 has 3 key active ingredients to help the skin. 1) Olive Leaf & Jujube Seed – This gives the skin a more radiant appearance. 2) Tetrapeptide 21 – This helps the skin produce collagen, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 3) Hyaluronic Acid – This keeps the skin hydrated by holding onto any moisture. 12 hours after the first application there was a 73% increase of hydration to the skin. In a study of 57 women using the eye cream twice a day for 4 weeks: 94% of people agreed their skin felt moisturised all night. 87% said their skin was noticeably smoother. 87% said their skin looked less dull. 83% said their skin felt noticeably softer.
I really like B. as a brand because, they don’t test on animals, their product clearly state if their products are vegan friendly. I feel for a drug store brand their skin care range is amazing. I would love to know if you have tested anything from their range! Let me know in the comments below what you thought of it. Thanks for reading, Jade xo

23 thoughts on “B. Moisture Gel & Eye Cream Review.

  1. I’ve always been curious to try this brand. The first product seems so interesting, I also love minty smells so am going to have to find this when I next go shopping. Very honest review, loved it x

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  2. The minty smell sounds interesting and the fact that the cream was more gel-like but was super hydrating is odd as gels tend to be made more for oily skin types as they’re lighter on the skin! Glad to see you’ve found something that works for your skin type 🙂
    Alice Xx

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