The Happiest Award/1

Hey Guys, I would like to grace you all with a link to Cassixmakeup’s blog! Please go and take a look, her posts are amazing! I haven’t found one I don’t like yet. I would also like to thank her for the nomination for this post!

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Thehappiestpixel created this tag in celebration of her reaching 500 followers! Go and take a look at her blog, its pretty amazing! Such a great achievement to hit 500 followers, I just hit that too! My post is here.

Tell us your favourite:

Place: I don’t have a stand out favourite place, I have a few places that I love, but not just one!

Film/TV Show: My top movie is Step Brothers, something about this movie makes me so happy! I laugh every single time I watch it! MY favourite TV series was Pretty Little Liars, till the last episode! I am not even going to talk about that! I loved Gossip Girl when I watched it, such a good series!

Song: Honestly, I don’t have 1 favourite song, any song that Demi Lovato signs I LOVE. Currently loving her new one Sorry Not Sorry.

Activity: Of course, this will come as no surprise; Blogging! I love everything about it: from writing, picture taking, reading other blogs and everything in between.

Drink: This is different depending on what I am doing. I love a good cup of tea when I am at work. When I am at home I love to drink either squash or diet cola.

Food: Pasta and pizza, for sure!

Holiday: Christmas, I just love how the mood in everybody lifts, and everything is more cheery.

Book: I have loved so many! I love Wintergirls, as an all time favourite.

Favourite Post: You guys seem to really like the Makeup Storage post, as this has the most amount of comments and likes. I personally had the most fun writing my makeup collection series. I love all of them though, other wish I wouldn’t have posted them!



As always, even if you are not tagged I would love for you to take part in this! Its a lovely tag to be a part of, and would love all of you to take part in this! Thanks for reading, Jade xo

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