Mystery Mascara.

Hey Guys, So a few weeks ago I signed up with a little company for a bit of Market Research. If you don’t know what this, basically, when companies want to text either old or new products they send them to these companies and they then forward the product onto people and they use them and rate and review them. This is all free stuff, I don’t get paid or anything for this work, but I love testing out things so much I decided I would start doing it a little more, than just for the blog purposes! – Okay, so I get I am posting this on here, but that’s only because it is Makeup related.

When the product first arrives, it is completely wrapped in black tape, so I can not see the packaging. Meaning, I am not supposed to know what this product is! I assume they didn’t think they would be sending it to someone who loves makeup! I know straight away that this was a Maybelline mascara, due to the shape of the bottle. I didn’t know anything more than this when I first opened it. I am not one that uses products that text on animals, but for the purpose of this I was prepared to do it.


When I first opened the mascara, the scent that came off of the wand was horrific. The mascara itself has such a strong scent, even when applying it to the lashes I could still smell it. That being said, my eyes are really sensitive to strong scents but this mascara didn’t irritate them at all. I am very impressed by this, I was really worried that my eyes were going to seriously dislike this, but to my surprise they didn’t! When I pulled the wand out of the tube there was a LOT of product on there, so before even using it I had to remove the excess product away from the wand. I scraped the product onto the side of the tube and away I went.


The first coat felt extremely wet, and I was really worried it was going to transfer straight onto the skin, but there was nothing there at all. I put on around 20-30 strokes on the first eye, and went straight onto the second. I then went onto the first eye and done another coat of Mascara, which then made the lashes look super clumpy – Some people may like the look of that, but personally, I don’t. I really liked the fact that there was a lot of length to my lashes though, after only the first coat. That impressed me, however the clumpiness did not. I used a brush though, and gently combed through the lashes, while the mascara was still wet. This made such a huge difference, which made the lashes look a lot more separated. I actually quite enjoyed using this mascara.

I would love to hear what mascara you think this is in the comments below! If I get any more beauty / Makeup related ones I would love to share them with you. I love the fact that I don’t know what the product is, it makes it all a little more fun for me. Thanks for reading, Jade xo

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20 thoughts on “Mystery Mascara.

  1. I knew exactly what mascara this was as soon as I saw the yellow top ahah, I’ve used it before and it made my lashes clumpy but didn’t actually think to brush through them (might have to retrieve that mascara back out of my draw) great post! It’d mean a lot if you checked out my blog too x

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  2. I am sure I had this mascara a little while ago. Can’t remember what it’s called but it’s definitely a Maybelline like you said Jade. I agree with all your observations. For my short eyelashes it was more clumpy and messy than adding length though. I recently discovered that smaller wands are better for my eyelashes.

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  3. Judging by the yellow and the wand it looks like Maybelline Colossal! I used to use this years ago and I do remember it being so clumpy I think they’ve stepped up their formula since then the Lash Sensational is fantastic! Xo

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  4. Yeah I know! It was a lot of fun, I am hoping to get more soon! No, the only one I liked was the Lash Sensational! But I don’t actually use it anymore! I think I might just make some more ‘mystery products’ somehow? Instead of waiting for them xo


  5. I was going to say Maybelline Colossal too! I use the Lash Sensational and wouldn’t budge from it now, it’s my go to for a moderately cheap, fabulous mascara! Still want to try the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara seeing as everyone goes crazy for it but not sure about the price tag.
    Alice Xx

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  6. It looks like Maybelline colossal? This is such an interesting thing and would love to see more posts like this. It is nice to see peoples reviews of products without a brand interfering with it (even tho this was obviously Maybelline) xx

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