The Blogger Crowd Planning Pack.

Hey Guys, The Blogger Crowd are little group that I found on Twitter which aim to help bloggers that have a small following. They plan to help these bloggers with their Facebook group and their Planning Pack. I was one of the luck people who got to receive this and try this out before anyone else!

They E-mailed the 17 page pack to me in PDF form, so it was super easy for me to download it onto my computer. The 17 pages consist of:

  • The first page is like a cover to the book, its cute page. I love how they have put the black and pink together.


  • The second page is a sort of poster like page, with the words ‘I’m a blogger what’s your superpower’. I love this, I think its so inspiring for me to carry on blogging, it makes me feel pretty powerful! My plan for this page is to either frame it and put it onto the wall, or just stick it onto the wall without a frame.

im a blogger whats your superpower

  • Page 3 is a Blog Post Planner. I love this page, as it has everything you need for a planner: Post Title, Products To Photograph, Websites To Link and Notes. At the bottom of this page there is a little box where you can put the date and time that the post is going live. I think that’s a lovely touch. I love how the two things I am most likely to forget to do on each post is included in this page. I have actually used the first one I printed, so I am planning to print another and laminate it, so I can then reuse it over and over again.

blg post planner

  • The next page is another poster like one, which I am in love with! Its my favourite page out of this whole pack. This one is definitely going up on the wall, even if the other one doesn’t! As soon as I seen this I knew I had to have this displayed!

coffe, laptop, messy bun, get shit done

  • The fifth page is another one I am planning to laminate, as I love it and feel I am going to get so much use out if. It’s A ‘What Am I Doing Today?’ Page. There is a To-Do List, with a tick box by each item. There are boxes for Morning, Afternoon and Evening. So you can plan out what you’re doing throughout the day. MY favourite part about this page is the ‘Looking Forward To…’ I think this a personal touch to this planning pack, because I feel everyone should have something to look forward too every day, even if its not blog related.

what am i doing today

  • 12 pages – One for each month of the year. I like this because its got a little section for Birthdays (Something I am not the best at remembering!). A little section for the events you have during the month, as well as a decent sized box for all notes. My favourite part about the monthly pages are the ‘Goals’ section. I am someone who loves working towards things, if I don’t have a goal set then I feel the work is for nothing, so I love there is a Goal section there.

If you would like to receive this pack they will be going on sale within the next few months!

Also, here is a link to their Twitter and Facebook group, if you would like to check that out as well. I hope you found this helpful, and enjoy the pack if you decide to go ahead with it! I would really recommend it, as its honestly amazing! Even if you just keep it as a PDF and use it as a template for you to create your own. As Always, Thanks for reading, Jade xo

Snapchat Username – Jademayhead

6 thoughts on “The Blogger Crowd Planning Pack.

  1. Wow, this is so cool Jade! I’ve never heard of the blogging crowd but I’ve just gone and followed them on my social media! The pack looks so cute, I love the monthly overview! Xo

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  2. I’ve sent them and email enquiring about it as well! It’s good that there are these kind of things for up and coming bloggers as well! It’s a shame when people don’t acknowledge bloggers because they haven’t got a massive following! Xo

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