Makeup Collection/7

Hey Guys, Today will be the last of my Makeup Collection Series – I know! I’m sad too. If you haven’t seen my previous posts, I will leave a link to the Introduction here, and there will be links on there for each post. To conclude this series I would love you all too see what I actually use to apply my makeup. I love makeup brushes, and have most definitely got far too many of them! But Hey, That’s the fun in being a beauty blogger – Am I right?!

This is all of my face brushes that I own. There is a stippling brush from H&M. I’ve got three mini Eco Tools brushes, which I totally forget bout because they are so small. I have 3 brushes from Makeup Revolution, which I think are my favourite ones. There is two brushes from Studio London, which I got around Christmas time, and haven’t seen the brand since! I have two brushes from Real Techniques, which I don’t use very often because they aren’t my favourites. The other brushes, I don’t actually know where I got them from, but I use them a lot, and they wasn’t even expensive!

These are the first brushes I ever owned. I purchase them on Amazon as a set, for around the price £5-10 ish. Still to this day I use them, I love them all. They are so good, and haven’t shed at all. For such a small price I am super impressed with them.

The fact that I liked the Amazon set of brushes so much, I ordered myself loads more form there, and have not been disappointed yet. Most of these are from there, and in sets. I have 4 elf brushes, which I hardly ever use. 4 Brushes are from Studio London, which came in a set with the face brushes I mentioned above. I’ve got one eyeliner brush, which again, came from Amazon. There is two mini Eco Tools brushes as well, which again, I don’t use because I forget they are there!

To apply my base makeup I usually use a sponge instead of a brush, which I keep forgetting to take a picture of! Every time I think of it, its dirty because I have just used it!

Are you a brush or a sponge person? I was always a brush, and then I found a sponge I like. Now I don’t think I can go back! Thanks or reading, Jade xo

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21 thoughts on “Makeup Collection/7

  1. I find it so much easier! I love using a sponge for my foundation as well now. I haven’t used brushes for application for ages! Need to get back into brushes!xo


  2. I have that same set of amazon brushes but in pink and I still use them to this day, too! They have held up surprisingly nicely! I use a Real Techniques sponge for foundation application and sometimes concealer. Which sponge do you use?

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  3. I know, arent they amazing! I like the B. Beauty one, I tried the Real Techniques one, and just couldn’t get on with it, I use it dry to bake with now. I want to try the Eco Tools one!xo

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  4. I LOVE the cheap amazon sets!! I never splash out on brushes anymore as i don’t see the need, I don’t feel they do a better job at all! I’m definitely a beauty blender kinda gal now rather than using a brush, gives a much better finish!
    Alice Xx

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