Everything5Pounds.com Haul.

Hey Guys, Clothes shopping is totally not my thing, at all! I hate shopping for clothes, I don’t find it enjoyable to rewarding at all, so when I buy myself some  new clothes is kind of a miracle! Which is why this is my first post about clothes on here, I just can’t get into fashion as much as I would like too! I found the website Everything5pounds.com a few weeks ago, and was a little dubious about it. How can EVERYTHING on a website be £5, and be alright quality?! So, I decided I would purchase myself some things, to see what I thought and how good the clothes actually were. I ordered myself 13 items, ranging between tops, trousers, dresses, bags and I even got myself a watch!

The first thing I purchased is a black dress. I am totally not a dress person, but I decided I would go for it, and try it! The model on the website looked so good in it, and the dress just looked so casual I thought I might be able to pull it off – Planning to wear it with some trainers, or my white converse.

I decided to go to the complete other end, and get myself a white dress! I am someone who spills everything down me, and can get dirty while being stuck in a clean room. I don’t know how I do it, honestly; Possibly be the fact I am still a child really! This is completely different for me, because its kind of see through, its got extra coverage on the parts I don’t want to show off.


Staying with the white I also got myself a white off the shoulder top. I really like the off the shoulder trend, and have already got one top in that style, so I knew the style wasn’t going to be a problem for me. The only thing is, when I wear them the shoulders always rise when I lift up my arm, anyone know of any good body glue, or a way I can stop that?!


I like the off the shoulder trend so much, I got myself another top in that style. This top has a leaf print on, which I think is lovely for this time of year. I seen it and just imagined myself on holiday with a pair of high-waisted shorts on. I think it might be the colour of this, whatever it was it drew me straight in.


Another top I purchased myself, is this pink criss-cross style one. I love the details on the back of this, its super simple but it adds so much so the outfit. I am someone who likes to play it safe with clothes, and doesn’t like much happening – pretty basic and block colors. So when I seen this I really liked it, because of the details being on the back, and the fact the sleeves are flared, which I think makes it looks a little more unique.


The last top is a little boring. Its just a pack of three different vest tops. I decided to get these more for either running, but they will be used more for relaxing at home! I haven’t wore this style before, but I think they are going to be super comfortable – And I like the fact I might be able to show off my new cat tattoo if I ever went out in these. I don’t know how I could style these though, any tips?!

Jeans: They are my go-to for everything in daily life. Skinny jeans are kinda my thing. I have never liked any other style of jeans since the day I tried skinny jeans. Which is why I have so many of them here.

The first pair is a pair of grey high-waisted jeans. I owned a pair of grey jeans years ago, and loved them! Unfortunately, I grew out of them. It wasn’t until I was on this site that I remembered how much I loved them, so I couldn’t give the grey jeans a miss.


Into the whole high-waisted thing I got myself a pair of acid washed jeans, as I do have a pair now. Something about the ones I already own fits weird though, they seem to baggy at the knees and the bum area, so I decided to invest in some more.


These jeans claim to be black, but they are more of an ‘already washed black’, if you know what I mean?! I really like that colour though, I hate how dark black jeans are when I first purchase them! Which is why I wanted some that are a little faded, for more of a casual look.



The last item of clothing I ordered are these black jeans. You can put a pair of black jeans with anything, and it makes an outfit. I love that about black jeans, which is why I purchased these, also mine are a little too old now – They have holes that I have sewn once and still break! I got these ones because I like the slit in the knee, and these have a bit of a fray at the bottom of the jeans, which gives them a little something extra.


I purchased myself 2 shoulder bags aswell, I seen this Aqua blue one and just couldn’t resist! The colour is beautiful for this time of year, and I am really looking forward to paring it with an outfit. There is a handle on the bag, but there is also a strap for you to wear it over your shoulder; I have never held a bag like that before, how do you guys do it without feeling a little weird?


I also got myself a black bag, because like the black jeans you can pair it with anything. I feel I will get a lot more use out of this one than I will the blue one, but I love them both the same.


The last thing I treated myself to is this watch. I used to have a watch a few years back, and it broke. I was so heart broken, but I just couldn’t find a watch good enough to replace it. Till I seen this one. Something about this watch I fell in love with. The strap is a little big for me, but I expect that because my wrists are super tiny.


Have you tried this website? If not, you should go over to www/everything5pounds.com and put a few items into your basket; Be quick! The items go super quickly! Thanks for reading, Jade xo

Snapchat Username – Jademayhead

24 thoughts on “Everything5Pounds.com Haul.

  1. I love the dress and the tops!! I’ve never ordered because nothing on the site has appealed to me (this was about a year ago now!) what are the sizes and quality like if you don’t mind me asking? Xx

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  2. love this haul! i placed my order on everything5pounds.com a few days ago, I’m excited for it to come! I also purchased the off the shoulder leaf top which i’m glad i did now because it looks great on you!!💘

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  3. The quality of them is really good! One pair of jeans I ordered has actually got Zara on the button, which is a good shop! The jean sizes I would say go a little big! I ordered some size 4, when normally I am a size 6/8. And the tops are just normal☺️ I can definitely see myself having these clothes for a long time!xo


  4. Oh wow! I am super impressed with everything I got, and it only took 4 days to get here!😳 Are you going to do a post on it? I would love to see what you ordered! Thankyou hun, I’m sure it’ll look great on you too!xox

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  5. Brill thank you! I’ll have a look into it then! I’m too lazy to go shopping, I just usually go to primark for easiness because I just can’t be done with going to multiple shops 😂 xo

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  6. definitely I will make a blog post soon as it arrives, I’i really looking forward to it!! some things were sold out which was sad but oh well probably best because I would’ve spent more xxx

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  7. Can’t go wrong with a fiver either, if you end up not liking it then its not a huge loss! Thank you, I’m on a no spend at the minute but the minute I’m not I’ll check this site out! Xx

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  8. That’s sort of why I wanted to get myself some more things that was a little out of my comfort zone! I would love to see a post if you decide to purchase anything xo


  9. Thankyou! I would recommend it, it’s amazing! Thankyou, the jeans are a little tight but I am hoping I can fit into them soon! I would love to see if you go shop there what you decide to get!xo

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