Struggling With Sleep.

Hey Guys, Sleep is such an important part of daily life, we all need at least 8 hours. Recently I have been struggling, which is unusual for me as I am one of the people that lie down and fall asleep almost instantly whether it be day or night. Here are my tips to help you fall asleep at night.

Blink fast for 1 minute. I know this sounds really stupid, but sometimes my eyes just don’t want to stay closed. When I find this a problem I blink as fast as I can for around a minute. This uses the eye muscles rapidly making them more tired and ready to close for the night.

Avoid Caffeine. No. That doesn’t mean you have to cut coffee from your lifestyle, it just means avoid any food and drink with caffeine around 3-4 hours before going to bed. As you know caffeine is designed to keep you awake, drinking before bed is not going to help with the struggle of falling asleep. If you enjoy a hot drink before bed try a Hot Cocoa or a fruit tea.

Switch off technology. This does include the television. Technologies have a blue light in them which wakes your eyes up, and makes the brain more active. But shutting things off an hour before bed it gives your brain and eyes time to wind down and know that its almost time for sleep. Try reading or journaling for a while before bed instead of watching the television.

Invest in a good mattress and pillow. If your not getting a good sleep it could be down to the items your sleeping on. Not only will having the wrong pillow and mattress give you a bad sleep but it can also damage your neck and back. Making it more difficult in the long run too fall asleep, and could cause some serious damage later on in life. My favourite pillow is from Tesco, so they don’t have to be super expensive just right for you personally.

Journal. Sometimes the reason behind me laying in bed wide awake can be due to the thoughts I have going on. Everyone has things going on that you just cant get out of your head sometimes. Writing these things down can really help your mind to rest, and you can look back on them in the morning and take the actions required. There is no use in over thinking anything while trying to sleep, its not helping anyone!

Try not to nap during the day. If you’ve have a bad sleep and are really feeling it the next day, try to avoid naps and try to go to bed a little earlier than normal. Napping upsets your natural sleep routine and will make it harder for you to sleep at night. I personally really struggle with this, and am currently trying to stop napping al together – I nap almost every day! I am swapping a nap for a light workout to see how that affects my sleep.

Get yourself into a routine. Getting yourself into a regular routine of going to bed the same time every day and waking around the same time will get your body into a cycle. It will then know when you should start winding down and getting ready for bed, making a night more pleasant for you.

Get active. Going outdoors and even just taking a small walk during the day will use more energy than sitting around all day. Meaning the energy used will make you more tired, equalling a better sleep for you. Personally, I enjoy going for a run if I feel I haven’t taken part in any other active movement – I have post on running here.

Those are my top tips to getting a good night sleep – which I am really struggling with at the moment! So if you have any more tips I would love to hear them in the comments! Thanks for reading, Jade xo



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