Makeup Collection/6

Hey Guys, There we have it. I have now broken down each and every drawer of my makeup collection. But, This series isn’t over just yet, You have got two more to be excited about! I feel a makeup collection series can not be complete without showing you the products I use to remove my makeup, and face creams I use regularly. Which is what I would love to share with you today, so keep reading to find out what products I enjoy using.

I would like to share with you me face creams first of all. these are a large part of my collection because my skin is super dry and I wouldn’t be able to apply any makeup without having moisturised first!

Nivea – Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream. This is thick in consistency but definitely gives me the perfect amount of hydration for the full day. I don’t feel the need to reapply when wearing no makeup, and can see the difference if I dont apply it. 8/10



Nivea – Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream. This is so much thinner than the day cream, the scent in a little stronger also. I prefer this one over the day cream though, I don’t notice a difference in my skin whether I use the day or night time one, but I still use this only at night! 8/10



Nivea – Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream. I really like this eye cream, I feel it has made a little difference to the wrinkles around my eyes. It has made my eye area look a lot less dry, and it feels a lot nicer. 8/10



B. Confident – Moisture Gel. I have recently added this to my collection, and I am so glad I did! Its super hydrating, and moisturises the skin for up to 12 hours! I have really noticed a difference, even from the first use. I have a full review on this product here. 9/10



B. Radient – Eye Cream. Again, I have a full review on this product here. It feels great around the eye area, I just don’t like the scent of this. It is definitely more of a gel than a cream. 8/10




Nivea – Daily Essentials Day Cream. This is a super thick consistency, even after it is applied you can feel the layer of cream over the skin. I feel when I touch my face there is still too much product there, it doesn’t sink into the skin very well. I like to apply this before I go to bed, so I then don’t touch my face and feel like I am removing it. 6/10


Simply Pure – Hydrating Serum. I find this serum a lot more hydrating than any cream I have ever tried. I enjoy using this, as the pump lets out the perfect amount for my face, and it leaves my skin feeling hydrated for a long time after applying it. 8/10



Sugarbaby – Vita-Lip Lip Scrub & Lip Balm. The lip scrub on this product is lovely, I like how it is in a squeeze tube, making it really easy to apply. I just apply it directly to the lips rub them together, and then either remove it with a makeup wipe or just eat it. It doesn’t taste great – but when I don’t have a makeup wipe to hand it removes it from my lips *Yes! It is safe to eat. The Lip Balm is horrible. It leaves my lips feeling really weird, I can feel the layer of lip balm over my lips, and it leaves the white line along my lips. 4/10

Alphah – Liquid Gold. I received this as a gift around Christmas time, and have never even opened it. I don’t know what this is, how you use it or what it is for. If any of you know what to do with it, I would love for you to let me know in the comments!



Simple Pure – Eye Makeup Remover. I really like to use this when I have got quite a lot of different products on my eyes, as this takes most of it off at once. I like how gentle it is on and around my eye area, as this part of my skin can be very sensitive at times. 8/10



Makeup Revolution – Pro Fix Setting Spray. This is the only setting spray I have used, and have purchased many bottles of this. I feel I would love to change it up a little though, as even though this works for what I need, maybe its time for a change. This comes out in a fine mist, and doesn’t leave my face soaking wet at all. The only negative thing is the scent, its a little strong, which is not a nice smell at all. 7/10


Makeup Revolution – Pro Base Aqua Priming Spray. I would never use this as a primer alone, as I just don’t feel it does the correct jobs for a primer. Yet it is a little treat when I spray it onto the face, its more of a cooling spray. I like to spray this just after I have removed my makeup, before I apply moisturiser as I feel it just gives my skin a little extra hydration. 6/10


B. – Makeup Brush Cleanser. I do not use this as often as I should, but its a nice little way of cleaning my brushes in between uses. I like how easy this is too use, you literally spray this onto the brush and swirl it into a tissue – There! Your brush is now clean. I would not recommend doing this instead of giving them a proper clean though, as there will still be product in the bristles. 7/10


Moringa – Cleansing Balm. Again, this was a gift that I have never even opened. I don’t know what this is or how to use it – Any tips are welcome!




*I have recently discovered that Nivea test on animals, so I will be using all these products up and NOT repurchasing, for that reason alone!

I hope you have enjoyed this post of the series. Next week will be the last of the series! – I cant believe that, its my Makeup Brushes. I have a lot so come prepared Next Friday with a snack and drink! Thanks for reading, Jade xo

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  1. Great post 👍🏻 I’ve seen the B range in Superdrug but never given it a go, I will now having read this 😌 do you know what skincare you might turn to once you’ve used up the Nivea?

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