Red Lip Makeup Look.

Hey Guys, I think a red lip look is an essential during the summer time, which is why I would like to share with you how I create mine.

I wouldn’t like to think of this post as a tutorial because I don’t feel I am qualified enough to call it that, so I think this is more a routine post?! I’m unsure, but; Here is what I did and the products I used to get this look. I would just like to say that when I wore this makeup I had in mind that I was going to be out in the sun all day, so I used products that will last all day – Because I have tested them all!

Once I have prepared my skin for makeup the first step I take when applying my makeup is to prime my face. I like to prime my face first with the MUA Hydro Skin Primer. This does a really good job at giving my skin the hydration it needs, but also creating a base for the foundation to lie perfectly on top.

While I am letting that do its own thing and settle into the skin I like to move onto my eye makeup. For this look I used only a small amount of my bronzer in the crease, as it makes the liner a lot less likely to transfer onto the lid. Once the shadow is applied it then went in with a black liner. I used the MUA Matte Black Liner for this look, because it lasts all day long and I feel a matte one is better when in the sun, due to the fact it doesn’t transfer as much as some others do. I like to apply my liner before I apply any of my face makeup, because when I go wrong it easier for me to correct without having to go over with foundation and concealer. I will literally just remove the wing with a makeup wipe and start all over again.

So, my skin is primed and my eye makeup is done. I then go in with a light feeling foundation, because I can not think of anything worse than my face feeling heavy in the hot weather! I used my Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation for this because it gives me a light to medium coverage while not feeling heavy on the skin. I apply this using my B. Precision Beauty Sponge. The only under eye concealer for me is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. I have spoke about this many of times, as have many other beauty bloggers so I will not go into to much detail. This concealer has the coverage of a high end product, for only a fraction of the price. Once I had applied the concealer I baked! GUYS I BAKED – And it worked! Do you know how happy this makes me!? I used my Makeup Revolution Banana Powder to do this. I applied it with my sponge, went onto my brows – someone told me this is the way they do it and it worked! I’m sorry I forgot who it was, but thank-you millions! I used my trusty Collection Sculpt The Brow kit for my brows, and brushed them upwards with the gel to make them look a little more messy, which is a look I am really into at the moment!

I then went onto apply my Makeup Revolution Bronzer in all of the usual places. I like this bronzer because it looks super natural and made it look like I had been out in the sun for weeks before, not just that one day! I then went on to curl my lashes and apply Mascara, which I am currently loving the Collection Super Size Lashes Mascara. I have had this for a while just sat there in my collection unopened, so I decided to give it another shot – I had another one ages before and threw it out because I just couldn’t get on with it. I feel with this the drier it gets the better its going to be, but so far I am really enjoying this! I then went onto the red lip – my favourite part of this look! I applied my only red lip liner MUA Luxe Precision Longwear Lip Liner. I lined my lips first, then completely filled in my lips – This is a newer thing for me because I don’t usually like the feeling of lip liner, but this one surprised me. It didn’t feel uncomfortable and stayed really well. I applied the MUA Lip Stain over the top, waiting for it to dry I sprayed my face with a setting spray. I used the Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Spray for this, I mean it does the job! I have been using this for as long as it has been out I think! I would really love for you all to recommend the ones you enjoy using, because I an starting to run low on this, and would love to try a new one! While my face is still wet I like to apply my highlight. For today I actually used a mix of two shades from the Makeup Revolution Highlight Palette. I like these because you can build up each shade to how bright you want them. I went for a more natural / subtle glow because I wanted the lip to be the main focus of this look.

I hope you enjoyed this little routine / tutorial. I would love to know what your favourite Red Lipstick / Gloss / Stain is in the comments! Thanks for reading, Jade xo

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16 thoughts on “Red Lip Makeup Look.

  1. Super cute look! Very summery 😊. I like the Rimmel Insta Fix setting spray at the minute. I’m not usually a huge fan of Rimmel, but I am really liking the setting spray! X

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  2. It is indeed! Packaging is super cute too, it wasn’t expensive at all so if it isn’t for you then it’s not too much of a loss! I hate using high end products if I’m just going to work or something so it’s good for day to day use 😊xx

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  3. Thankyou! I thought that, there is just something about this color that is different to all other reds I have used! That just makes me like it even more😍


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