LUSH Scrubee Body Butter Review.

Hey Guys, If you have been here for a while then you will know that I finally jumped onto the LUSH band wagon, and clearly haven’t looked back! I reviewed my first ever LUSH products, the shampoo and conditioner which I will link here. Since then, I have purchased another one of their products! Today, I will be sharing with you my thoughts on their Scrubee Shower Body Butter.

I actually wanted this product solely on the fact that it looks like a Bumble Bee, how cute is that?! I seen it on Instagram and instantly felt the need for it! I normally hate the scent of Honey, which is why I really wanted to go into the shop and try it before I took the leap and purchased it. This honey within this body butter is also blended with Cocoa Butter, which has always done wonders for my dry skin. The Coca Butter also takes the scent away from the Honey a little, and makes it more natural and less sweet-smelling. Within the darker stripes of the product there is Crushed Almonds and Coconut Shell, to give the skin exfoliation.

As soon as this hits the water streams it ready to use, there is not need to leave it under the water for 5 minutes for it too melt, it gets to work straight away. It so easy to use, you literally just rub it over your skin while you’re in the shower, and it moisturises the skin. Once it was applied the water that was then going onto the skin afterwards seemed to just roll off, like when you’re in a car and the rain hits the window?! It was just like that, I’m not sure why that was. Because of that I would recommend using this as the last product you use before you get out. The exfoliating parts of the scrub was not rough at all, I was really worried because my skin can be very sensitive, but it was completely fine – I even used it after I shaved my legs and no rash!

After I had got out of the shower, I then towel dried myself as normal, to see if the product stayed, and it did! Even hours after the shower my skin still feels so soft. I haven’t used a moisturiser that has left my skin feel like this, ever! Also, I can still smell it on my skin, so if you are not a fan of highly scented products then this is not one for you! I would highly recommend this for anyone with dry skin, it works wonders! I am super impressed with this, the only thing I would say is the scent. If you are unsure on it then do not go for this, because it will linger for a fair few hours.

I would love to know what you think of the Scrubee Body Butter if you have tried it! Thanks for reading, Jade xo

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