Makeup Collection/5

Hey Guys, This is the fifth post of my Makeup Collection series that I am most excited to share with you. I love my eyeshadow palettes and highlighters a lot – Definitely my two favourite things of makeup! So, here is my collection. If you haven’t seen my previous posts then please click here for Day 1, here for Day 2, here for Day 3 and here for Day 4. Where I share with you my collection of foundations. powders, mascaras and lip products – With lip swatches of each one!

Makeup Revolution Highlight Palette – Highlight. I love this palette because each three powders are great for all skin tones. My favourite is the one on the left, they don’t have names – How annoying! These are pigmented enough, but not too much! They are buildable to create the right amount of glow for just a day time look or for a full glam look. I also love the fact there is a full size mirror in the palette. 9/10

Makeup Revolution Blush Palette. Sadly, I cant find the name of this palette on their website, so I am not sure whether this was a limited edition palette Christmas time? The shades themselves are great, I feel people with every skin tone could use this particular one, I just feel the pigmentation is a little too much! I don’t use blush often, and if I do its barely noticeable. Which is why I feel its too pigmented, a little goes a long way with this. I like the fact that I can mix two together though, and create a lovely look for my personal skin. 7/10

Makeup Revolution Highlight Palette. Again, I cant find this on their website, so it must have been a Christmas special. This was the first highlight palette I had ever owned, and I was obsessed. I have used all of the shades more than once. The glow they give is amazing, not an everyday look for me as they are a little too in your face for my liking. My favourites are the two white, one is just pure white and the other had gold running through it. 8/10

img_2167MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter – Pearlescent. I have spoke about this highlight on many occasions, so I will not go into detail but; I love this highlight, its got the perfect amount of blue reflect that I love. Its super pigmented, and gives your cheeks a completely unnatural look – That I love! 9/10



img_1843Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette – Flawless 2. This palette is the one I reach for the most in my collection I think. I love how many different looks that can be created with just the one palette. When I go travelling this is the only palette I take with me, because of all the different shades there is so much you can do with it. There is enough to make a dark smoky eye, day time look – Everything you need for any look. There is also a full size mirror in this palette, which I think is always a bonus! 9/10

Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette – Iconic 2. This has been my go-to for an everyday look since I got this palette. I love how you can create an everyday look, yet you can change it up and make it look more dark and smoky – All with just the one palette. As you can see I have actually hit pan on the brown shade, I would love to know if any of you know where I can get a shade just like this one, as I use it in the crease with almost every makeup look I do. 9/10

Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette – Mermaids vs. Unicorns. I actually purchased this because I wanted to start getting into more colourful looks, and it worked for a while. I just feel these are a little too shimmery for me, as I don’t use shimmer shadows very often. Also, when I wet my brush and used some of the shadows, it has created a weird layer over the top of the shadow and now I cant get half as much pigmentation as I used to be able too – If I hadn’t wet my brush then they would be fine! I did this because I created some coloured eyeliner looks with them, which was a great way for me to introduce colours into my looks. 5/10

Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette – Day To Night. I don’t reach for this as much as I wish I did, because the colour are great. I like to use the pink colours on the left for a more natural look. I am a little unsure of why there is a Turquoise on the end, I like the colour, but I feel it is a little out of place? There is more shimmer than matte shades in this, so if I use this I will always use another palette aswell. 6/10

Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette – Redemption. I really like a lot of the shades in this palette. I like to use the 4 shades on the left for more natural looks. The white is the perfect colour for an inner corner highlight, it really makes the eyes pop. The black I like to use when I want a softer eyeliner look. I don’t like to use shimmer shadows a lot, but when I do I feel these are the ones I reach for a lot. 8/10

Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette – Romantic Smoked. This palette is great, I actually use almost all of these shades. I don’t feel the need for an extra palette for a crease colour or anything, this palette has everything. Its perfect for everyday, or when you want to look a little more sophisticated and natural for a night time look. I love the light purple, and the darker purple, because a lot of the time I feel black can take the focus away from the lid colour. 8/10

img_2175-1Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette – Revoholic Eyes. I love this palette for a more dramatic look. I have actually made a post about the first time I used this palette here. One of the colours is a grey/blue, and I think its great! Also, there is two different red undertoned shades, which allowed me to create looks with a read in the crease instead of my usual browns, which I actually really liked. A lot of the shadows are shimmer, which hasn’t actually put me off. 9/10


Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette – Hot Smoked. Again, I feel I can make a full look using only this palette. I like to use the lightest colour to set the primer, the dark brown in the crease, and the colours on the lid blended. I feel every colour blends really well with the other shadows. The palette is great for when you’re planning to go out.. definitely not for a day look for me. 7/10


img_2811MUA Eyeshadow Palette – Heaven And Earth. I really like every shade in this palette, I just wish that more of them were matte instead of shimmer. I love that they all go well with each other, and look great on their own. I don’t reach for this as often, only because there is not enough matte shades. 4/10


MUA Eyeshadow Palette – Starry Night. I really like this palette when I want to add a little colour to my look. All of the shades are shimmer, but I really like it in this palette? I love using the white as an inner corner highlight when I really want it to pop! Its just so white and shimmery, perfect for that purpose. The others are great on the lid when I am doing a super dark smoky eye. 7/10


MUA Eyeshaodw Palette – Rhapsody. I like each shade in this palette, I feel this is a great palette when you want to step away from your everyday look and want to add just a little something extra into your look. I just don’t really know why there is a cream ‘highlight’ and ‘bronzer’. Its a little random, and I have actually  never used them so i cant comment on them, but the shadows are great. 6/10

img_2814Kleancolour Eyeshadow Trio – Meadow. I love these colours! I was extremely weary when trying these as I was a little nervous of the bright colours, but they are super buildable and pigmented, but not enough that you can easily go wrong with the bright colours. These are great in the spring/summer, and the white is a good shade to put down before the colour to make them more vibrant. 8/10



img_2815Amudge Eyeshadow Singles – White, Black. These are the only single eyshadows I own. I just feel a white and a black is great when creating any look. The white is a little powdery, but its great when putting it down as a base for a brighter colour. I like to use them both for a softer eyeliner look. I don’t reach for them as much as I should really, because as much as I like them, there is colour exactly the same in my palette that are more useful because there is more than one shade there? 4/10


img_2816Makeup Revolution Bronzer – Bronze, Shimmer Highlight. I don’t use this as often because it is a shimmery bronzer, and I feel it doesn’t look right when I am doing just a natural look. I do like this when I am applying a little more makeup though, I apply it before I apply my matte bronzer to add just a little something to my skin. I just mix all the shades together with my brush, its too annoying to try and get each shade separately, and the highlight isn’t even worth applying, as there is nothing there. 3/10

img_2817Makeup Revolution Bronzer – Ultra Bronze. This product is so big, I don’t think I will ever finish it! The colour is great though, its not orange yet not ashy. It makes my skin look tanned, but in a completely natural way. I don’t have anything bad to say, except the packaging is a little flimsy. It isn’t going to last much longer, the lid is going to come apart soon. 9/10



That is all of my Palettes, Bronzers and Highlighting products. There will be some items in the header picture that isn’t actually in this post. That is because I feel if I use the pictures from my Makeup Storage post, it is easier for people to follow along with this series – but while I was taking out each product and deciding what to write on each one there was a lot of products I didn’t even feel was worth talking about, so I either threw them out or gave them to my sister. Because, if they aren’t worth talking about they aren’t worth keeping. Next week will be my Skincare items, and other random bits that i keep in my Makeup Table – So stay tuned for that! Make sure you’re following so you don’t miss out! Thanks for reading, Jade xo

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21 thoughts on “Makeup Collection/5

  1. I love Makeup Revolution shadows, they are by far my favourite ones i have tried (I haven’t tried many because I found these ones and fell in love, so stuck with ones I know I like). Should invest in more, they are such good quality and such a small price!xo

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  2. I tried one, and as soon as I got it wet it really didn’t work for me! I might try a different one though, I also got it in pink, which I didn’t like at all! xo


  3. I absolutely love makeup revolution – their golden sugar blush/highlight palette is amazing. I keep trying to find their mermaid palette but it’s sold out everywhere – but considering I already have for palettes I guess I should be using my existing ones first, haha.

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