Jade’s Month – June 2017.

Hey Guys, because there is so many different monthly favourite posts out there I decided I wanted to make my own monthly post, which isn’t so much a favourites but what I have been doing and what makes me happy. There is some favourite products within this post, but its mostly about experiences. I suppose this is my little monthly diary entry? If you haven’t seen my previous one you can see that here, just to get an idea of how I lay these out!

Here is a link to each of my posts this month if you have missed out on any:

Makeup Collection/Introduction – This the post where I describe the format of my upcoming series, and what post will be what.

No Makeup Makeup. – A natural no makeup makeup look, that I love to do on a day to day basis.

Going Running Tips. – The tips I use when struggling with motivation when running!

Liebester Award/1 – My first Liebester Award, nominate by Cassixmakeup.

Makeup Collection/1 – The first of my makeup collection series. I talk you through all of my face products.

One Lovely Blog Award/2 – The second nomination for this award, I was nominated for this by Cassixmakeup again!

Weekend Away. – This is the weekend I took with my whole family – see what I got up too!

IKEA Haul! – I love a good house shop, and seeing as me and my boyfriend are getting a flat it we the perfect place to shop!

The Versatile Blogger Award/1 – I was nominated for this award by mylilslice of life!

Makeup Collection/2 – The second of my series, I  talk about all o my powdered face products here.

Coloured Hair Tips. – Click the link to see me with blue hair! And how I managed to keep it blue for so long.

Love Yourselfie Tag/1 – I created this tag myself. Feel free to be a part of this, I want as many people to take part as possible!

Jades Best Reads 2017/1. – The books I have loved over the course of the past 6 months.

Makeup Collection/3 – The third of my series where I talk about eyeliners, mascaras and brows.

PS… Pro Review. – A few products I picked up in my last Primark shop, and what I think of them here.

Liebester Award/2 – The second of the Liebester awards, nominated by Wander Summer.

Mixed Roots Hair Oil Review.-I tried a hair oil for the first time! Leave any tip you have for me and my ridiculously dry hair here, I would to try them!

Makeup Collection/4 – Halfway through my makeup collection series! This post has a lip swatch of each and every lip product I own.

Liebester Award/3 – My third nomination for the Liebester award! A special thanks for GlamWithPlatinumm for this one.

My Favourite Beauty Product: Kiko Eyeliner – 110. This eyeliner is a great addition to my makeup collection. Its a black based liner, with purple glitter running through it. The glitter is really fine, its almost like a sheen instead of a glitter. It looks amazing on the eye and stays all day! If you want a full review let me know in the comments below, and I would love to do that!

3 Things That Have Made Me Happy: The first is the weekend away I took with my family. I have made a complete post on that, which you can find a link to that above. I can’t remember the last time that my whole family have been together for a couple of hours, let along a whole weekend! It was lovely too see my family that I don’t get too see all the time, as life does take you away. It was so nice to see all of my cousins also, as I feel they are growing up so quickly! I don’t want to miss any of it! Of course I liked the fact that I could get a few days off work, and have a relaxing time away.

The second, was the spontaneous night away I took with my boyfriend. I finished work on the Tuesday afternoon and booked us a night away in Axminster, Devon. I had no idea hwere we was going or what to expect, which I think is the fun in it! We spent the night in a family run cottage style B&B, then spent the following day in Lyme Regis, at the beach, for more details see my post here.

The last thing that has made me happy this month, was the fact that my sister turned 18! So, me and her both decided to get a tattoo, of course hers was for her birthday, and mine was just for fun! I went with her, as it was her first one, I wanted to see the reaction she made, which wasn’t as entertaining as I thought – She took it pretty well! I just enjoyed spending the whole day with her, and having a laugh and a catch up with my sister and my mother. We then went to our local pub on the Friday night with the whole family – we don’t usually see each other this much!

Proudest Moment: I have a fear of water, so when I was away for the weekend I managed to get myself into the swimming pool and even go on two of the flumes that was there. I actually had a really good time in the water and am looking forward to the next opportunity I get to go into a swimming pool! I cant swim at all, and I hate the feeling of having water on my face. I cant remember the last time I stepped foot into a bath, let alone a swimming pool! So I am super proud of myself for being able to get over that fear and get into the pool with my younger siblings and cousins.

Favourite Experience: Getting myself 2 new tattoos. I love getting tattoos, and I now have 6. I also enjoyed watching Rhiannon getting hers done, even though she didn’t react as much as I thought she would! If you want a post on my tattoos then let me know!

Favourite TV Show/Book: My favourite book this month has been The Maddie Diaries. This is a behind the scene story of Maddie Zieglers life. She starred in Dance Moms, which me and my boyfriend secretly love! She is now a famous figure, and has created this book with Sia – The singer / songwriter. The story is wrote in a beautiful way, and there is her own little doodles throughout the pages. The pictures in the middle are my favourite! There is pictures of her from all ages, and with different people who have made an impact in her life. Its a fun read, and easy to follow along! My favourite TV show has been Pretty Little Liars! I have watched this since season 2 I think, I watched the first season but was a little behind on that! I became in love with it as soon as I watched the first episode, and have watched it ever since. It was the finale this month, and I am unsure what to think of it. I mean, it was definitely not what I was expecting, but I don’t know how to feel!

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  1. Obviously there is different pain for different areas – I would have a Google and see where they say is the least amount of pain! And then at least you will know it could be worse!xo


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