Mixed Roots Hair Oil Review.

Hey Guys, I have been struggling with extremely dry ends recently, and had no idea what to do! I mean, my hair is in pretty bad condition and really try to look after it well. I don’t straighten it often, I hardly ever blow dry it, I cant put it up because its too short, I try not to play with it during the day, and I use a good shampoo and conditioner. I was completely stumped on what to do, till a work colleague told me about hair oil! I figured I would give one a go, there was a lot to choose from when I went looking, and settled on the Mixed Roots Oil. Here is what I think:

First off when I put some into my hand – with the pump which I really appreciate because I can only imagine how messy it would get if I had to pour it! The scent coming off the product was amazing, It smelt nothing like oil, which I had first expected! It smelt a lot more like strawberries, and lime, and all things summer and fruity! It was pretty strong, and at first I didn’t know how to take it, but I decided I liked it! The product itself felt pretty moisturising, so I was holding a lot of hope for this. I then mixed the product between both of my hands, only one pump at first, then took the product to the ends of my dry hair. I made sure I got most of it by brushing it through afterwards. My hair looked great, it smelt great and felt a lot softer.

About half hour later I then noticed the roots of hair looking super greasy, I mean a week without washing greasy! It was disgusting, I hasn’t actually planned on washing my hair that night as I know an oil is a leave in treatment. I wasn’t to let the oil do its work before I washed the excess product out, but I just couldn’t! My hair looked greasy, and lifeless. I don’t know how anyone could put this on their hair and keep it there. So I washed my hair, and tried it again with my hair a little damp. Exactly the same thing happened – I don’t know whether I am applying too much, only 1 pump!

Overall, I think the scent is great, the packaging is lovely – I love the fact it has a pump, but the actual product itself has really let me down!

If you use a hair oil I would love to know which one in the comments below! Or even how to give my hair a little more life, and less damage! Thanks for reading, Jade xo

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17 thoughts on “Mixed Roots Hair Oil Review.

  1. Hi, I think for the hair is very good coconut oil or argan oil. Moisturizing with Aloe Vera will also leave your hair smoother without frizz, shiny, lively and, in addition, accelerates growth, in my next post I will talk about Hydration Aloe vera, if interested will be welcome … Hope I have you Helped, hugs!

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  2. Arian oil has never really done anything tinny hair-.- But coconut oil has? I was hoping to try an actual hair Oil though, which maybe wasn’t my best idea! Should have just stick with what I know!I just find it makes my hair look a little greasy-.- Yeah okay – I look forward too seeing it!xo


  3. No mine had a pump, I put two pumps in the palm of my hand for each side of my hair, kinda fingered it through my hair and then brushed it through and that’s it.. Worked really well after towel drying my hair too. If you want one to leave overnight, coconut oil is great too.. just smother your hair with it and sleep in a shower cap, wash it out in the morning, bobs your uncle 👍🏻 xo

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  4. Hey,
    So the best thing to do is mix argon oil and coconut oil (100%cold pressed) and then massage it in your hair and the ends and tie it up, leaving it over night or for as long as you can. The longer the better so the hair really absorbs the oil.


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