PS… Pro Review.

Hey Guys, While I was in Primark looking for clothes I came across a few beauty items I would like to share with you today. I hate clothes shopping, like hate it so much! So every time I enter a clothes shop I always find the non-clothes related items. The story was the same for Primark, At least this time I actually managed to pick out a few items of clothing I quite liked.

While queuing to pay there was a few different wash mitts on the side that I was sort of picking up and putting back down again. I then came across a kitten one, and I LOVE all things cat meaning this was one mitt I wasn’t prepared to part with. So, she went straight into the basket without hesitation. Before  a few weeks ago I was completely devoted to my shower puffs. Till one day it wasn’t in the shower any longer, and I was forced to use my hand to wash my body. Since that day I haven’t looked back! Something about using my hands makes me feel a lot cleaner?! As soon as I seen the kitten mitt, I knew I was in for the win. The first time I used this was a little odd. I has squeezed my body wash onto my hand and then realised I had forgotten it! So I made Sam run back into the bedroom to grab it for me. Instead of washing off the shower gel and applying more, like any other normal person would, I decided to try and transfer the product from my hand onto the mitt. Which, did not go to plan at all! But I managed to get a little of it onto the mitt. The shower gel didn’t foam up like I am used too, but I went with it anyways rubbing it onto my body. The more I used it the more bubbles were appearing. But I had noticed the bubbles were coming more from the inside, which would explain the problem of the mitt slipping from my hand every two seconds! So, as much as I liked to use the mitt I felt like the bubbles were coming from the inside rather than the outside. Now, my only conclusion for this is that I didn’t remove all of the shower gel from my hands before putting the mitt onto my hand, so the bubbles were being formed from my hand rather than the mitt! I will use this again and update you further. I was wrong! It was just because I had bubbles on my hand!

The second thing I purchased was a makeup remover cloth. This is supposed to remove all makeup with just warm water. It actually does! I don’t know how it does this, but I just take it into the shower with me. I let the warm water get onto the cloth, and leave my face dry and then go in with the cloth. Rub it onto my face, and my eyes and it will remove all makeup – Even water proof! It isn’t hard on the skin at all, its a lot softer than I thought it was going to be for just £3.00 you cant go wrong. Once the makeup had been removed form my face I used a little body wash to clean the cloth itself and it was ready for use the following day. As much as I loved this product, I feel the hygiene side of this cant be too great, but I mean if I don’t use this every day and only when I have a full face of heavy makeup while in the shower – Anyone else forget to remove their makeup before they get in the shower and want to use face wash?! I feel this product is great, I will still use my makeup wipes when I can, but I still love this cloth! It still baffles me on how it works!

An item I was really looking forward too, as I have seen some good reviews on it was the Ps Pro… Blending Brush. When I first opened the packaging the plastic handle itself seemed a little to flexible for my liking, because I do use quite some force when applying foundation! As I has known there was already a little bend in the handle, I decided to go pretty light with applying the foundation. So, I applied the usual amount onto the back of my hand and decided to put it onto the face with my fingers, instead of the brush. I then went in with the brush and started blending – it felt rather nice on the skin, it wasn’t harsh or rough. When I looked at the finished look, I was horrified! I looked like I had just applied my foundation with my fingers, it was so streaky and patchy! Each stroke was making it look even worse, there was no getting away from that, so I carried on with my sponge, and tried to blend my contour with it. This went the other way, where is didn’t blend at all! I couldn’t for the lie of me get any movement out of the product, and I have used the contour kit loads of times before, so I know it wasn’t the product itself! So, after using it for both purposes I decided to stop trying with it and give the handle brushes a miss all together! If you have used this and got it to work well for you, then I would love to know what you did in the comments below!

PS Pro…Metallic Lip Gloss Set. When I first got these and swatched them they all looked great. The white one felt a little chunky, like you could feel the glitter in them. The purple was the one I was most looking forward too, as it has a golden sheen too it. The green and pink looked the same constituency as the purple, but I just wasn’t as looking forward too it as the colours they were reflecting didn’t look as exciting as the purple! *Side note, I love every makeup item with purple in at the moment – Highlight, Liner! The first one I tried on the lips was the white one, and it felt awful! I could feel each glitter chink on the lips, it felt just like I had a lip scrub on! So, as you can imagine that came straight off. The following day I tried the purple one, on top of a matte nude lipstick. When I first applied it, I could see the gold coming from my lips more than the purple, but I was turning my head in all different angles to try and see the purple. By the time I had got up to go look in a different mirror there was no colour there at all, not even any gold. So I applied some more and still, after about 2 minutes – Nothing. Again, I tried the green and the pink – which was the exact same scenario as the purple! I will not be using these again, let alone purchasing them!

If you have purchased any beauty items from Primark, I would love to know what items you picked up and what you think of them! Thanks for reading, Jade xo

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