Makeup Collection/3

Hey Guys, welcome to the third of my makeup collection series, if you haven’t seen the first two I will link them here and here. Go and check them out too see my collection of foundations, concealers, powders and brow products. Today I will be sharing with you my right-hand draw – See my Makeup Storage Post Here where I have pictures of the products, and how I store them.


The first item I have here is them B. Lengthening and Defining Mascara. I like this mascara when I am looking for a lengthening one, as it does make the lashes appear longer. When I have curled the lashes it doesn’t seem to hold the curl very well, by the middle of the day the lashes are flat again. If you are planning to wear this all day it does start to lake off after around 8 hours of wear! 7/10

Makeup Revolution Liquid Eyeliner. This is a good product if your already good at doing a wing, I cant say I am the best so I really struggle with this. The colour is super black and does stay on all day with no transferring, its super waterproof as well! It stays on through the rain and even the shower! The way the brush works is annoying as I always get eyeliner all over my hand, as I like to hold it pretty close – which isn’t easy with this. 6/10

MUA voluminous Felt Liner. I don’t know how anyone would be able to create a wing with this! The tip for this is far too large for a wing, and there is no way I could only line my lash line with this as again, its too thick! What is the intended use for this, because I feel it could have great potential! 2/10



AMudge Long Lasting Liner. I paid less than £1 for this eyeliner and its amazing! The colour is super black, and it does not smudge at all. Its easy to work with and the tip is super fine, allowing you to make a wing pretty easily. 9/10



Makeup Revolution Awesome Lash Mascara. The brush for this is a pretty large one, which I quite like because I feel I can coat more lashes in a smaller amount of time. It doesn’t flake or wear through out the day. It makes my lashes have more volume and length all at once. The only thing is when you first take the applicator out of the tube I don’t think there is a little stopper as so much product comes out, I always have to scrape loads off before using it. 8/10

Kleancolor Eyebrow Pencil – Brown. This is actually a little dark for my brows, so I never really use it! The pencil itself is a little too creamy for my liking, and it does seem to come off a little too pigmented – it makes the brows look super fake! 3/10



MUA Intense Colour Pencil Eyeliner – Snow White. The pencil is super creamy, but not too creamy! It glides onto the water line with ease. It cost £1, which is pretty for an eyeliner that comes with a sharpener on the lid. It does wear off through the day, but all eyeliners do on my water line. 7/10



MUA Eyebrow Pencil – Blonde. This eyebrow pencil is too light for me! I got this when I had blonde hair to try and make my brows look a little lighter, but it looks awful! The consistency is too creamy and it seems to pull my eyebrow hairs out when I apply it! It smudges really easily and does fade a little through out the day. 2/10


MUA Matte Black Eyeliner. This is a newer addition to my collection, but I really enjoy using this. I find it super easy to create a flick, and even easier to line the lashes. I scrape some product off as I feel there is too much on the tip when I open it. It stays on all day, and even after I shower I still need to scrub to remove it. 9/10


Kleancolor Frameous Lash Mascara. This is a great mascara, it reminds me a lot of the Maybelline Lash Sensational. It keeps a curl in all day, doesn’t flake at all. It also makes my lashes look super long, and natural without any clumping. The only thing about this is I really struggle to remove it at the end of the day, I rub so much my eye are really red! 7/10


Collection Lasting Colour Gel Liner – Black. This is a great eyeliner, I love that the colour is super pigmented, a little goes a long way! It does transfer onto the lid though, only when I am in a really hot condition! This was my staple till I found the MUA one, now I prefer that one. This is the only gel eyeliner I have tried, so I don’t have anything to compare it too. But it lasts all day, if it isn’t too hot! 8/10

That concludes this post of my series! I would love if you could all comment your favourite mascaras down below, as I am currently looking for a new one – with a company that doesn’t test on animals if possible! Thanks for reading, Jade xo

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6 thoughts on “Makeup Collection/3

  1. The MUA brow pencil… decimates every time you use it BUT I found a way around it. I melted mine, mixed a bit of kohl pencil in to darken it and have my own dipbrow I use every day and it still looks like it’s never been used. But I definitely can’t use it as a pencil

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