Love Yourselfie Tag/1

Hey Guys, summer is the toughest season for me when it comes to body and self image. I am / never have been someone with a lot of confidence who can go out in their shorts and crop top, and completely rock it! I’m more of a jeans, and maybe a nice top, sit in the corner and listen to people conversations instead of joining in kinda girl. I haven’t been confident enough to put on pictures of me wearing summer clothes – shorts, dresses, because I don’t like the thought of people looking at the parts of my body I don’t like! So, I thought it would be a lovely idea to create a tag in which it promotes body confidence!

The rules:

  • Tag the creator, me!
  • Thank the person who nominated you, and give them at least one compliment.
  • Post 3 pictures of yourself – One in a summery outfit, that you wouldn’t normally post. – One of yourself with little/no makeup on. – One selfie which you love and makes you feel confident.
  • Caption each picture with your favourite thing about yourself, that you can see in the picture.
  • Tag 5 other bloggers, with one nice thing about them.
  • Let them know they have been tagged by commenting on their most recent post. 
  • Use the tag ‘Loveyourselfie’


Seeing as I created this, I would like to just explain that this is just for people to make themselves feel a bit more confident about themselves! Each and every person is beautiful in their own lovely way, and I think it takes something small like this to completely make someone’s day.

This dress is the newest in my collection – of very few! I love wearing the colour yellow, because its my favourite colour, and I feel it looks lovely on my skin tone. I like the length of this dress and how it fits me.

This selfie here I have no makeup on at all. I really like the colour of my eyes in this picture.

This last picture is my favourite selfie. I love this one because it has my bright hair colour in, which was my favourite! And, I think I did my makeup really well that day.



My Nominations:

  • Cassixmakeup – I love each and every post she makes, and she always leaves lovely comments on other peoples blogs. She has such a lovely personality, and always spreads positivity.
  • Brooke Nicole Clarke – Her blog page looks amazing, and she posts pictures of herself with no makeup on a lot on her Instagram – which she looks great in!
  • Kali Borovic – She has just reached 700 followers, which is amazing in itself! She deserves every follow she gets and have lovely things to say about everyone.
  • Charlie Star – She is in a long distance relationship with her boyfriend, and is always posting wonderful things about him and their relationship. She always leaves lovely comments.
  • Everythingbeautyxox – She is such a lovely person, with only nice things to say about everyone! She has an amazing blog, with every post as good as the last, and she is beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and have chose to take part, and get this little Confidence booster going! Even if I haven’t tagged you please feel free to join in and do the tag anyway, the more people the more positivity! Thanks for reading, Jade xo

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