Coloured Hair Tips.

Hey Guys, I feel I haven’t posted anything beauty related for a while now! So I would like to talk to about all the different tips I have gathered while trying to keep my bright colour hair as bright as possible. I cant say that having coloured hair is easy to look after, because I struggled! It can also get very frustrating at times, as there is so many things you need to d, just too keep a colour I – but for me it was worth it!

I would to share all of tips with you to try and make it a little easier for as I have definitely learnt the hard way! So if you have or are thinking about going a little more out there with your hair colour, here are my top tips in keeping that hair healthy and as bright as possible.

My number 1 tip will always be to Avoid Head And Shoulders. This product has something in it that removes hair colour from your hair at a much faster rate than any other shampoo and conditioner I have ever tried. This was one thing I was not willing to give up just yet, as I have always suffered from really bad dandruff and when my hairdresser told me that product was the main cause for my hair fading I was horrified. She told me I had to stop using it in order to keep the colour a lot longer than I was. So I asked what she recommended instead, and she has told me about a new product that really did change my hair game. Its called Neutrogena T-Gel, I bought it from my local Tesco store, but there is many websites that you can purchase it from as well. I tried to use this every other time I washed my hair as if I overused it would burn my scalp a little.

My next tip is when washing your hair try to wash in cold water. I always thought this would mean having a cold shower, but I used to hang my head over the bath wash my hair in cold water and then tie it up into a bun turn the temperature up and jump in. This was the most helpful tip I found with my coloured hair, as even in the shower there was not much colour within the waterfall from my hair. Although the cold water on your hair does take getting used too, and I have full respect for people who can shower in the cold water as it is just something I could never get used too no matter how much I tried.

Try and avoid washing it too much also, this will of course make more of the colour run out of the hair, making it less bright – On the days I didn’t wash my hair as often I would use a colour safe dry shampoo. When you are taking a shower and no washing your hair, try to keep the hair as dry as possible. When just water gets onto the hair more colour will run, where as colour safe shampoo and conditioner have chemicals in to try and keep the colour there!

Tip number four would be to avoid using heat tools on your hair. This heats the up the hair and makes it easier for the coloured molecules to come out of each hair strand. Making the colour less bright. When drying your hair always opt for the lowest heat option, and ALWAYS apply a heat defence before starting. The heat defence will protect your hair from the heat, and the lower setting will damage your hair a lot less than the warmer setting. When I am drying my hair I am also brushing while I go, as this makes me dry it for less time, but I will always leave my hair a little damp and not dry it al the way. This is because the heat from the dryer is going to damage our hair more when it is dry, so I like too keep a little moisture in the hair to avoid more damage.

When your hair is natural the sun will do its thing and lighten up the colour for you, leaving the colour a lot lighter than the day before – which is great if you want your hair colour lighter. When your hair is dyed a bright colour this isn’t something you want! Use a heat defence spray on your hair while the sun is out, make sure you apply it mostly to the top of your hair – where the sun will get too the most! Swimming pools chemicals are not the best for coloured either! Not only will it make the colour fade, it could possible run and you’ll be left in a pool of your own hair dye!

These are the only two pictures I could find of my bight hair, but I have been Red, Purple, Yellow and White as well.

If you’ve got any more tips I would love to hear them in the comments below! Thanks for reading, Jade xo

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23 thoughts on “Coloured Hair Tips.

  1. The pink hair is so cute, I love it! I’ve been dying my hair purple on and off for about a year now and I do a lot of the same things. Whenever possible I try and let my hair air-dry since I find I use heat tools fairly often. Washing my hair in cold water has become a part of my routine wether my hair is dyed or not now. I hadn’t heard about colour safe dry shampoo though so I’ll have to try that, thanks!
    Love your blog BTW 🙂

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  2. Awh thanks Hun. I love purple hair, if my boss allowed me I would go pastel purple!💜 Oh wow really?! I found it a lot of hard work but once I was used too it I suppose it wasn’t too bad! Yeah, just take a look on the bottle and t will say whether to color safe or not, I’ve currentl for a herbal essences one and it’s great! Doesn’t leave any white behind and works great! Can even leave it for 2 days!🎉xo

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  3. I totally want to try white hair! I hear a lot of problems with white hair about it drying it out. How was your personal experience with white hair? What is your natural hair color?

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  4. Yeah it does dry it out – which is one of the reasons I had mine cut short! I wouldn’t say it was completely white, but it was shite enough for me! My natural color when I was younger was blonde, as I got older it just got darker. So it’s probably more brown now xo

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