Makeup Collection/2

Hey Guys, As mentioned last week, this is part of a seven week series. If you haven’t seen the first one you can catch up that one here, if you have then please carry on with this post for the second part. This is where I will be sharing with you everything I store in the left-hand drawer. *I explain all of this in my Makeup Storage Post Here.

Makeup Revolution Contour Kit – Light. I really like this product when I need something quick and easy. They are all powders and look lovely together for a completely natural look. This used to be my go-to kit for contouring and highlighting, I just don’t use this as much anymore. The blush is still one of my favourites though.7/10


MUA Bronze & Sculpt Contour – Light. This as two powders the bottom one, which I use for contouring when I want a to create a more sharp contoured look. The top powder I don’t really know what anyone could use it for, its super orange looking and has chunks of glitter in. 6/10



MUA Skin Define Hydro Powder. This powder is alright, I mean it makes my foundation feel less tacky and sets it all in place but I don’t feel it can set my under eyes as great. The concealer seems to crease and settle into fine lines when I use tis powder alone.



Makeup Revolution Highlight – . This highlight powder is lovely when I am looking for a natural look. It can be built into a more powerful look, but I feel it can make my skin look weird if I apply too many layers. I feel this was a limited edition around Christmas time! 6/10



Collection Sheer Loose Powder – . This powder is great for when I am baking or setting the under eye concealer. It doesn’t crease and sets the concealer beautifully. I like to bake with this as it doesn’t look cakey on my skin. 7/10



Collection Pressed Powder – . I purchased this for a makeup look, where I made myself have a white complexion – I was Maleficent! It is great for that, but I don’t use this when doing a normal makeup look as it is completely white and has a terrible flash back in photos. 3/10



Makeup Revolution Eyebrow Powder. I really like this little compact palette for my brows, its perfect for travelling and has different shades for me to mix together to create the perfect colour. It also comes with a little wax and a highlight colour for the under brow, which I don’t use because I don’t like to use cream products under my brows. 6/10


Collection Eye Brow Kit – Blonde. I use this whenever I do my brows, I love each colour and when they’re mixed for the perfect shade! I even like to use these to fill in the parts of my hair line that look sparse. I like that it comes with a little brush and a brow gel also. 9/10



MUA Luxe Power Brow Sculpting Gel – Blonde. This is a product I really dislike using on my brows. It makes them feel super glues onto my forehead, and when you move them you can eel the product. I feel the colour looks a little too light for me as well, but the next shade was way too dark! I do like the fact the brush is in with the handle though! 2/10


Barry M Brow Kit Shape & Define – Light. This was my go to brow product till I discovered the Collection one. I really like both shades, and the lighter colour is perfect for a highlight. The brush is perfectly shaped as well, it was actually the brush I would use! 7/10



That is the second part of my makeup collection series! What are your favourite brow products? I think I want to look more into a pencil product, if you could recommend any?! Thanks for reading, Jade xo

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11 thoughts on “Makeup Collection/2

  1. Ahh okay, I’ll take a look! I’m in the uk, unfortunately so I actually don’t have access to those very easily! But I can always look☺️ thanks hun xo


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