IKEA Haul!

Hey Guys, welcome to the IKEA haul that I am super stoked to share with you! I love shopping in IKEA, and this time when we went I could actually purchase stuff for our new place – Which there is no progress on! This is super exciting, as even though there has been no progress me and Sam having been making progress in the purchasing department. I would like to take you all with me through this moving process, and what better at to start then to show you everything we bought? Some of this is boring things I know, but they are essentials when moving into a new place.

I am not going in any order, I mean I have the receipt to the right of me and am going through it item by item.

The first item on my list if the Rug. I love this rug, it isn’t the softest but t looks super cute! It’s a kind of mocha colour, which I really like, and its the prefect size for out living room. All of our flooring is laminate besides the bedroom, so I feel putting a rug in is going to make it feel a little more homely.

Another floor item is the door mat. At first we seen one that was kind of alright, but we both wasn’t over excited about it, then we came across this one. I love the colour of this, I cant actually remember the colour of the hallway, but I think this turquoise colour is really going to add a little life into a boring hallway.

This was the first item I seen and just fell in love, I know! It’s only a chopping board – JAde you might be a little crazy. But it was the size, its so small, I just needed it. As there is only the two of us I don’t feel we are going to need many, or large copping boards, so he agreed to buy this one! *Later on in the shop, Sam asked if we should get the chopping board – Clearly not noticing I already had one in there! So, Well done Sam for the great idea!(;

My plan has been to have a big clock in the living room, as there is a feature wall and I am now sure whether I want a mirror there. I prefer the idea of a clock – But we both cant seem to find one that we like yet. So I just got a small one for the kitchen for the moment, Sam seems to think that there is not going to be much point because we will just look at our phones for the time – But I still enjoy having a clock, anyone else?!

We have previously purchased a few things for our bathroom which are all sand coloured, and we have been really struggling to find a bin for the bathroom. All of the sand coloured ones we have seen haven’t had a lid, and I’m not sure if I would like that – I mean the things that go in there shouldn’t be on show! So we found a grey on in IKEA that is a peddle bin, which I think is the best I am going to find! How annoying!

Another bathroom item which I have really struggled to find is a bath mat. What is it with the ones in shops at the moment with the tiny little pom-pom things on them!? I really don’t like the feel of those ones, so we went with just a dark grey one. I originally wanted sand coloured, but by the picture we have I think the floor might be that colour. So we settled on a grey one instead – At least it will match the bin though, Right?!

Next is glasses, Our plan was just to get one wine glass – Essentials first! But then we decided to purchase 5 glasses altogether, we got 2 wine glasses one of both sizes, a little glass with a pink butterfly on it! It’s super cute. And then we got just a standard glass with a green hint too it.

I had already purchased myself a new towel, so I was just waiting on Sam to get himself one. I know these are not essential items as we do both have some, but it’s just a nice little touch to the bathroom, it will make it feel more like our own. So seeing as I already had a yellow towel, I purchased myself the smaller hair towel and a flannel to match. Sam choose on a light blue coloured towel set, with the smaller towel and flannel to match.

Another thing we had already purchased was tea towels, but after speaking to work college and her explain to me about different towel uses in the kitchen I am totally on board with that. So the ones we had already purchased are going to be for your hands, and then the ones we got from IKEA are going to be for the dishes, as the new ones don’t feel as nice. But from what I can understand the ones for the dishes are not supposed to be the soft ones?

The main reason we actually went was to look at all of the kitchen things, because we felt maybe we should get some cutlery and utensils before we move in. Luckily we came out with both of these things and more! We got just the basic cutlery set with 24 items in, as we can’t decide on a theme for the kitchen yet – I was hoping for a pastel theme, but I don’t think that is going to be possible as I can’t find many pastel things for the kitchen, except in T.K Maxx, but they don’t have anything I would use, because I don’t bake! Any recommendations?! We also got the basic Pizza cutter * I love pizza so this is an essential, Veg Peeler, Can opener * Even though I cant use these, I wanted an electric one. We also got a glass over dish – This is the for all the pasta bakes I will be making! Smaller food containers, for the pasta that will be left over and I will take to work the next day for lunch. * Can you tell I love pasta?! We purchased this pan and pot set, which I thought was amazing! It has 3 pot and you can put the hands on them to make them into a pan if you need to! How cool is that!? Thinking about it though, what is the difference between a pot and pan!? Some plastic drinking straws as well, because I am still a child and still love to drink out of a straw.

The last item I would like to share with you is a little potted plant. I have seen loads around, and they are super cute, but also a little expensive. I mean, ifs it staying in the bathroom I am already expecting it to look a little lifeless a few months after we put it there. Which is why I wasn’t planning on paying too much for it, but I really like this one, just to give a little colour into the bathroom. I think that most of the things are sand colours, so I need something just to break it up a little.

Have you been to IKEA recently?! If so what did you purchase? Thanks for reading, Jade xo

*Side Note – Sorry there is no pictures! I forgot to take them when I got back and they are already packed away for moving! When I have got them back out I will hopefully be able to get some photos, and do a home tour sort of post! Let me know if you would like one of those!




5 thoughts on “IKEA Haul!

  1. I am OBSESSED with IKEA!! I bought lots of fairy lights from there a while ago for my room…! Love this haul- don’t think Ive ever read an IKEA haul before! ❤ xx

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