Weekend Away.

Hey Guys, I took a few days off last weekend and went away with the entire family. My grandparents, uncles and aunties, parents and all my cousins. Needless to say there was a lot of us, seeing as there was only 4 cars that travelled down I had to pack light! I would like to share with you what I packed and what we all go up too!


Of course, for the packing process I got far more stressed than I needed too, and I made a list of things I needed to take! I cant pack for anything unless I make a list, other wise I am guaranteed to forget something. I packed everything into a hand luggage suitcase, so I couldn’t over pack too much! I packed myself three tops along with three pairs of jeans, I took extra underwear – just in case! I took only one perfume, and tried to pack light on the makeup, which consisted of two makeup bags full..Whoops! I wore my trainers there, so I packed my converse shoes also. I took one pair of fluffy socks, and a pair of pyjamas – As I was sharing a bed with my sister so I didn’t want to sleep in just my underwear! I packed myself two jackets, and wore one down there, as I had read up on the weather and it didn’t look great. The last things I took was my pillow, because I cant sleep well with a different one, and I took a big blanket for the journey and the evening if I got cold.

We all arrived on the Friday around 2o’clock, so we let the children play in the park while some of the adults went to check in. Once everything was sorted and we found our caravan, we then all got changed and headed down to the restaurant for some food. There was 18 of us, with 8 children under the age of 10, so as you can imagine it was a little hectic. Trying to find a table for 18 in a walk-in restaurant was a big task! We did manage to find one, and we all took our seats and order the first round of drinks. I opted for the tomato pasta dish, as I love pasta and you cant really go wrong with it, one we ate that we all stayed there for about an hour or so, then we headed to the entertainment where there was a quiz just about to start. Of course we joined in with this, and came 12th I think! Its a good job none of us are sore losers! We then all headed back to our separate caravan ready for the following day.

The Saturday came, and the family went to go and look at different activities we can do during the day while me and my sister stayed in the caravan. After doing a full face of makeup and getting some 3G outside of the caravan the family came back. The younger children had all been on a climbing wall and a trampoline for the even younger ones, and had collectively decided swimming was on the agenda or the afternoon. I have a fear of water, and a full face of makeup at this point of time, so I decided I was going to just watch the swimming, and not take part. After watching the swimming, there was different chutes for them to go down which looked quite fun, we all went back to the caravan to get ready for a nice meal in a restaurant. We took a walk down, got a lovely photo of all of us grand-children, and took a seat. We let the children play outside as they had already eaten, so there was some adults out there. After looking at the menu I had already made my mind up there was nothing that I was going to enjoy eating, so I took a menu outside and took some of the children to the toilet. By the time we had finished in the bathroom the rest of the family had decided there was nothing there for them either so was waiting outside for us. We then headed to the previous restaurant, and I had the same tomato past as the night before. Once that had finished, and we had all had a few drinks, we then headed down to the entertainment where a band was playing. Almost all of us got up onto the dance floor and was singing and dancing the night away. The bend then finished and we left once it was all over, headed back to the caravan for a little chat and headed to bed.

Here’s a photo of me and my sister with the band

Sunday, the weather didn’t look to great. But me and my dad had already decided we was going to get a Starbucks in the morning, which is exactly what we did. We then headed over to the gift shop as my sisters wanted to get their friends a gift, I actually ended up purchasing a little plaque for my new flat, which says ‘My kids are furry and have four feet’. I love this little thing so much, and it will be taking its place in the flat very soon – Hopefully! We then took a walk back to the caravans and got ready for the second trip to the swimming pool. I actually got into the pool this time, seeing as a I have a fear of water and I cant swim I am super proud of myself for doing this. I even went on two of the flumes that was there, and was a little disappointed when the adults said we was leaving! I then took to the showers and allowed my sister to dry my hair for me – Having a sister as an almost qualified hairdresser has its advantages! We then went down to a different part of the entertainment, where the arcades were! So I was playing with the younger ones on some of the machines, which is when we decided we was hungry. We decided on fish and chips for some people, but right next door is a Papa John’s Pizza, and I have never tried this before, so I had already made my mind up. Luckily a lot of the younger children wanted pizza also, so we got ourselves a deal where you get 2x sharing pizzas, 4x wedges, 4x regular drinks, 1x garlic bread pizza and 1xsharing cookie! This was all that was needed for us. I had never had Papa Johns before this night and it was amazing! I am super impressed with their food and am definitely going to order from there again. After finishing our food, we headed back to the caravan for an early night, as the next day was going to be an early start.

Waking at half 8 to pack the our stuff and be out of the caravan was a little hectic, but we all managed it and was on our way back by 9:45. Then back to my hometown for 11:30.

Hope you enjoyed this post, Thanks for reading, Jade xo



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