Liebester Award/1

Hey Guys, I would like to thanks Cassixmakeup for this nomination! Please go check her blog out its so cute! She has put so much time and effort into every single post, and is such a lovely woman! You wont regret taking a look. I feel so honoured to be nominated for another award, it feels so great to know that people enjoy reading my blog and want to share that with me!

1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you

2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you

3. Nominate at least 5 bloggers but no more than 11 who deserve the award

4. Tell those bloggers you nominated them

5. Create 11 original questions for the nominees to answer

My answers:

1. What’s your favorite season? – My favourite season is Autumn by far! I just love the way the trees turn different colours, and it starts to get colder out. So its time for some hot cocoa and blankets.

2.  What’s your favorite beauty item? – This is a tough one! I just love so many different items its hard for me too choose just one. But I think it would have to be lip balm, any kind is fine by me. I just hate having dry chapped lips, which is why I take it everywhere with me.

3. Name 3 things you love about your life. – The first thing I love the most about my life is my new kitten. She is like my little baby, and I love her so much. The second this I love is of course my boyfriend. We are in the process of getting our own place together which is exciting! The third thing I love about my life is the fact that I come from a big family. I am the eldest of 7 children, and as much as I dislike it as times I really love it more!

4. Do you prefer a matte or dewy finish? – A dewy finish for me is the way to go! I cant do a matte finish on my skin as I feel its too dry and can look very cakey.

5. What’s your biggest fear? – I cant think of my biggest fear, but I have so many little fears that are completely irrational: I don’t like standing on the plug in the shower – I don’t actually know the reason behind this one! I physically can not let myself hoover over any wires, I am so worried that the wires are going to go up into the hoover! I can not be in the same room as a spider, otherwise I cry and scream, I am petrified of them. I am scared of thunder and lightning. I cant swim so am scared of water, although I managed to conquer that over the weekend, but I don’t think I will be rushing again!

6. Are you left handed or right handed? – I am a lefty! Which I find really annoying! But I do certain things with my right, I eat right-handed I use scissors in my right hand, literally the only thing I do with my left is write.

7. Quiet night in or long night out? – Quiet night in every single night. Going out is just not something I enjoy at all, I would much prefer to have a quiet night in watching movies and having a few drinks than going out rand not remembering what happened.

8. What’s 1 product on your beauty wishlist right now? – A good foundation! I don’t actually know which one I want yet, because all of the ones I have recently purchased I don’t like, so I am unsure of which one! I would love recommendations!

9. What’s your favorite genre of music? – I really enjoy listening to Punk Rock music. I don’t listen to anything that is in the charts. I enjoy bands like Sleeping with Sirens, Bring Me The Horizon, Pvris and As It Is.

10. What’s a nickname of yours? – I actually don’t have any nicknames. Because my name is so short, I think its easier to say ‘Jade’ than anything else! When I as younger I used to have the nickname ‘Jean’ which is the only nickname I think i’ve ever had!

11. What’s your middle name? – Kayley. Which I actually really like, but I dislike the spelling because everyone always spells it ‘Kayleigh’ which I don’t like, but at least people would spell it right!

My Nominees;

• lovelivinglifestyle

• beyoutifulinsideout

• everythingbeautyxox

• fromvanitytosanity



My Questions;

1. What has been your favourite experience this year?

2.  How many siblings do you have?

3. What 5 makeup products are your holy grails?

4. Do you prefer a bold lip or a natural lip?

5. What is the story behind your blog name?

6. What is one makeup product that you regret buying?

7. Do you have any pets?

8. How would you describe your wardrobe?

9. In what order do you apply your makeup?

10. Are you a brushes or a sponge person?

11. Do you have any superstitions?

Again, I would like to thanks Cassiexmakeup for the nomination! Being nominated for awards is such a great feeling! And, even if you haven’t been tagged feel free to include yourself in this! I would love to see all of your answers. Thanks for reading, Jade xo


11 thoughts on “Liebester Award/1

  1. Congrats on the award! So psyched to know that you like punk rock too. I also like Sleeping with Sirens and used to have a huge crush on Kellin Quinn. Also, BMTH so cool! 💕

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