Going Running Tips.

Hey Guys, Working put is something that I have very recently got myself into. I think the fact that I have signed up for two 5K runs in July has helped kick me into gear! I was never someone to workout at all, I have always been one of the lucky ones to never have too watch my food yet always be slim. I have never fit into a size 10 as its way to big, and sometimes even a size 8 an be too baggy on me. But, I kicked myself into starting work out to make myself feel better, I didn’t intend to start for the weight side of things. I say workout, its more just going for a run to train for said 5K. I am hoping to get more regular with my workouts, as a flat toned stomach is something I have always wanted yet never had the desire to do anything about – Till very recently!

I downloaded a training app to help me get to a stage where I felt comfortable running a 5K, but the free version only had the first 4 runs on there. This app was telling me to go for a run 3x a week, which was fine I enjoyed the first week of it, but I didn’t feel myself improving very much. I just felt the runs were a little too easy, and I wasn’t pushing myself as much as I should have been, so I scrapped that and started running myself – No music, no headphones, just me and Sam. He has helped me a lot through this journey, as he has had years of experience running and completed his first full marathon just a few months ago, so he knows what he is doing! Having my boyfriend as a personal trainer has really helped me to actually get out there and do what I needed to do a long time ago. Throughout these past few weeks I have really learned a lot about the workout world, and would like to share with you my tips on how to stay motivated during the tougher times. As, I actually have my boyfriend to help me through this very vague training programme, which I know a lot of you might not have. So, here is my tips on how to get and stay motivated for a workout/run.

  1. Setting yourself a realistic target is going to help. I have signed up for two 5K races for July. The first is the Race For Life, which I am attending with my sister, who has already told me she wont run it but shell walk it. So I am using this as a guide for how much more training I feel I will need for the second. The second is the Colour Run, which I have nominated my boyfriend to run with me. This one I am actually planning to run, which makes this my realistic goal. I signed up for this is March – Giving myself 4 months to go from no running experience at all to a 5K, I definitely feel this is achievable.
  2. Go with a friend for support. This was something I wasn’t too keen on, as I didn’t want my friend to see with my a sweaty face and not being able to breath from running too much. But Sam had decided he wanted to do this with me, to watch me progress. He is great at pushing me, which is something you’re going too need. Even if your friend doesn’t know they are pushing you they are, I mean you don’t want to keep stopping while running because that means your friend will have to stop as well.
  3. Plan, Plan, Plan. Planning is key. You can’t just keep saying that you’re going to start next week. You need to give yourself a date and a time which you are going to start, and you need to stick too it! My plan is to run three times a week, I will always go on a Monday around 6 pm, as I feel this is a good time or me and Sam because he has had time to come home and chill for a while after work – I finish at 3, so any time in the evening gives me enough time for relaxing!
  4. Push Yourself. The only person who is going to make you better at running is yourself! No-one else is in your shoes running for you, you know your body better than anyone. You’re the only person who knows when enough is enough. Just keep in mind that your mind will always give in before your body. That’s the main thing I struggle with, because I wouldn’t say I am mentally strong, but running has helped with this. While running and my mind tells me I have had enough, I choose a point further on that I can see, and tell myself I am not stopping till I get there. Once I am there I can then tell if I can actually go on or whether its just my mind telling me cant, normally the second of the two! So I then set myself another target and do the same thought process each time.
  5. Reward Yourself. You have just gone out and gone for a run. It doesn’t matter how short it was you did it! Be proud of yourself! Giving yourself a reward is important. So, you’ve gone for a run, that means you have to be healthy all day and you cant eat chocolate. NO! Treat yourself, you can not be strict with yourself every single day, that just leads to further problems down the line, I find if I don’t give myself a little allowance of treat foods every day then I will have one day where I just binge on everything I have wanted all week. This is definitely worse than if you just allow yourself a little every day. Your rewards don’t have to be food related either. If I run three times a week I like to reward myself with a new beauty product, last week I repurchased my favourite body wash – Palmolive Feel Glamorous.
  6. Purchase yourself running gear you like. I had never owned any gym gear before March, now I have 3 full outfits that I feel confident in. If you spend money on clothes you will be more likely to wear them. It took me about 3 weeks before I actually wore mine, but I didn’t want the money I had spent on my clothes go to waste. So it gave me the motivation to actually get out there and go for a run. For a month, I ran three times every week so I rewarded myself with a new gym outfit. I actually now prefer these to my other ones! If you want me to show you all of the gym gear I have let me know in the comments!
  7. Enjoy yourself. You’re never going to want to go out for a run if you don’t enjoy it! I really thought running wasn’t for me, but you know I actually really enjoy going out now. I enjoy running a lot more when I don’t have my headphones in, I know a lot of people find this more motivating but I really enjoy being outside without any other sounds but me and nature. I actually really enjoy leaving my phone at home completely, I really enjoy the fact that I cant be distracted by anything. I also find it a lot more enjoyable to go with Sam, we don’t run fast by all means, but when I am running I feel a lot better when I can rant and talk about things that are bothering me. Don’t get me wrong, I always talk to him about things anyway, but there is something about doing it while running that I find relieving.

If you go running I would love to hear the things you enjoy about it, and any tips you have! Thanks for reading, Jade xo


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