No Makeup Makeup.

Hey Guys, as the warmer weather is just around the corner I sometimes feel that wearing a lot of makeup makes me feel even hotter! I enjoy just applying a small amount to make myself look at least half decent!

When it comes to the warmer weather I like to skip out a lot of steps when doing my base, as I don’t like a lot of products there. It makes my face feel claustrophobic – Anyone else?!

I start off with a little concealer under my eyes, Collection Lasting Perfection is my favourite for this, as it has full coverage but doesn’t look like anything on the skin. I then set the concealer with a pressed powder, I prefer this too a loose powder because I feel using a loose powder can become a little heavy on my under eyes.

Next I fill in my eyebrows, I like to use a small amount of powder for this on an angled brush. I usually only go over the sparse areas on this, instead of filling them all in. I feel this gives me a more natural look.

I then apply bronzer too the hollows of my cheeks bones, and use this as a contouring powder also. I then apply a little highlighting powder on the tops of my cheek bones, the top of my cupids bow and a little on the tip of my nose. Because no matter how hot it is, it’s never too hot for a little highlight!

I then finish of my look with mascara, and a tinted lip balm.

What do you like to apply when doing a no makeup makeup look? Thanks for reading, Jade xo


12 thoughts on “No Makeup Makeup.

  1. I totally get the claustrophobic thing! Most of the time I’m like the more the better! But if i know I’m going to be somewhere hot and sweaty I just can’t do it! I really does make my face feel claustrophobic! And i love your makeup in this! 💖

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