Makeup Collection/Introduction

Hey Guys, In my Makeup Storage post (If you haven’t seen this you can view it here) a few people wanted me to give you a mini series of my Makeup Collection, so I decided to go ahead with this! I will be posting this series once a week on a Friday, and will be breaking it down for you into sections.

The first week I will be showing you all of my face products I own.

The second of the series will be all of my powders.

The third week is where I will be sharing with you my mascaras and eyeliners.

Week four will consist of each and every lipstick I won – With a lip swatch of each one!

The next I will be going through each and every palette I have – Which is stored in my makeup table drawer.

The sixth of the series will be all of my non makeup products, e.g.. Makeup removers, beauty sponges and face creams.

The last of this series will be all of my makeup brushes, where I purchased them from and what I use them for.

With each item I go through I am hoping to have a picture of each thing, along with a rating of 1 – 10. This rating will be based on how much I use the product and how much I enjoy using it. Also, if I can find it I will have a link to each item – Just click on the item name as usual. I will also try to add the price into this as well, if I can remember!

I would love to know which part of the series you are most looking forward too in the comments! Thanks for reading, Jade xo


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