Jades Month – May 2017.

Hey Guys, So this is the second of my monthly updates. If you haven’t seen my previous one then you can see that here. This is where I tell you all what my favourite products have been, what has made me feel good and you can see what I have been up too!

In case you have missed any of the posts I have made this month, you can find a link to each one here:

Safari Trip Adventure – Me and my boyfriend took a trip to Longleat, here you will find what we got up too and the animals we seen.

Superdrug Haul – There was 2 deals on my two favourite makeup brands, which I just couldn’t pass up on! See what I purchased and get for free here.

Vaseline Uses – Vaseline has been a staple of mine for a long time now, see the different ways I like to use it.

#Revoholic Makeup Look – My new favourite makeup palette! Check out the first makeup look I made with this.

We Got A Kitten! – One of my highlights this month, see what she looks like and her name.

Mystery Blogger Award – My first blogging award! It was such a lovely opportunity to take part in this, I had a lot of fun writing this.

Perfume Collection – Here is where I share with you my small collection of perfumes.

One Lovely Blogger Award – Another award this month?! This was another post I really enjoyed to write! Thank you for nominating me for two awards!

Superdrug Haul Update – The superdrug haul mentioned above, this is where I give you my thoughts on each product after using them for a couple of weeks.


img_2167-1My favourite product of the month has been the MUA UYD Highlight – Pearlescent. I wasn’t expecting too much from this highlight because it was only £3.50. How wrong could I have been?! In the pan this looks completely white, but once it’s applied it has a beautiful blue/purple sheen too it. It’s now my new favourite highlight.


My most favourite experience of this month is a tough one for me to decide! There have been two moments I have really enjoyed, so I am going to share both with you. The first was the trip to Longleat. I got to feed some Giraffes – which has been on my bucket list for a long time now! I got to spend the day with my boyfriend, and take a look at different animals. I have been an animal lover for as long as I can remember, so being able too see, feed and pet them has been amazing! The second was the day I got my kitten! Me and Sam have been waiting for about 4/5 weeks for the kitten to grow up enough to be without her mother. Our plan was to go and get on the Thursday, but the Sunday evening before we got the message that she was ready when we was. Of course I just couldn’t wait another 4 days, so we got in the car and went down to pick her up that day!


My proudest moment has too be holding the Snake. I mean, I have never had a fear of them or anything, but coming face-to-face with a snake is a little daunting. I was so close to not doing it, but I wanted to experience having a snake around my neck, it may not be a big achievement but too me it was amazing!


My favourite TV Show/Book. For this I would like too thank ……….. She shared her favourite and posted about the TV Show Big Little Lies, and I liked the look of it. Put on just the first episode to see if it was worth the hype – and it completely is! It has only 7 episodes, but please go and watch them! You will not regret it.  I also have a movie for you this month. A Dog’s Purpose. I have always been more of a cat person, but this film really hit me. Its so emotional – it doesn’t help it my time of the month when I watched this! But I shed a tear, or a few! It has such a lovely story line, and I feel it really gives those dog lovers a movie, as there was A Street Cat Named Bob for us kitten lovers! My book of the month, the only I have actually read – I will start reading more I promise! Life’s Too F***ing Short – Janet Street-Porter. This is really inspiring too me, as I have always been a person who worries about everything! This book has taught me to let go of things and people that I don’t need anymore, and has really helped me too learn that nothing is going to happen unless I make it happen!

What have your favourite moments within May? I would love to hear about them! Thanks for reading, Jade xo


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