LUSH Shampoo & Conditioner Bar Review.

Hey Guys, Happy Bank Holiday Monday! Having the day off work has given me some time to write an extra post!

I have finally managed to jump on board with the LUSH hype and purchase myself two things from there! I have never really been into LUSH before as I always thought it was only bath bombs – How wrong could I have been?! Yesterday, I took my first trip into there with the intentions of purchasing myself a bar of shampoo, and ended up leaving with a conditioner one also. The reason I want to swap from bottled products is because I am really enjoying the idea of having no waste when me and Sam move into our own place, this helps the environment and our bin space! I feel if I start now then the transition wont be as overwhelming too me when we do actually move. I have just jumper out of the shower, and would like to give you all a little review / First impressions of these two items.

First I would like to talk about the Seanik Shampoo Bar. I actually purchased this because I love the smell of this, it smells like flowers and cleanliness – I’m not very good at describing scents! Anyone who has tried this and can describe it better in the comments, I would be very greatful! This shampoo bar really caught my eye as it is bright blue in colour and has green leaf looking plants in there. The way you use this is by getting your hands wet with the warm water, and rubbing the bar between both hands. The outside of the bar then breaks down and turns into a liquid of a thick cream consistency. The idea then is as soon as your start to rub this into your hair it starts to lather up creating bubbles and releasing the scent. This is exactly how you use this! As soon as you start to lather the bar the scent really comes out. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of bubbles that come out of only the tiniest amount of product. It lathers up very nicely in the hair, and is very easy to wash out. It has done a rather good job at cleaning the hair and removing any product that was in my hair. This bar cost £6.25, which at first I thought was rather expensive for a shampoo seeing as bottled ones can be as cheap as only £1. After just the first use, I cant already see that I am going to save myself some money. The bar is about the size of my palm, and after the first use it looks like I haven’t even touched it! The amount of product used each time is only small, so I can see this lasting a long time! I am very impressed with this shampoo bar, and I don’t think I will be going back to a bottled shampoo! The one tiny negative I have about this shampoo, is if its wet and you leave it on the side you will be left with a blue stain on the side! I am definitely going to invest in some containers for the both bars, to keep them from staining everything in sight.

Another pleasant surprise was The Plumps Solid Conditioning Bar. This bar cost me £6.95, but again, I am sure this is worth it. The way you use this one is too run this under the warm water for a minute or two, this makes the outside of the bar a little softer. You then rub the between both hands and the product comes of easily. I actually struggled with this first and tried to rub it directly onto my hair – HA! So, once a small amount has been melted into the palm of your hands, you can then rub this into your hair to create a soft feel. I like to apply my conditioner mostly to the ends of my hair, as I feel this is the part that needs the most loving – I’m in desperate needs of a cut! So once I had applied this, I like too leave it one while I continue to clean my face and my body. Rinsing the conditioner out of my hair is the last thing I like to do before I exit the shower. Leaving this on my hair has made my hair feel super soft, with not many not in! I can easily put a brush through my hair after the shower. The one thing I really noticed was it was really easy to feel the hair and know when all of the conditioner had left, that’s something I usually struggle with. But with this I had no problems.

Both of thee products have left my hair feeling super soft and healthy! When I was purchasing these the man behind the counter informed me that each product had ingredients that was going to give my hair volume – He was not wrong! It has given me a bit of volume, which looks completely natural! I am in love with both of these and am definitely going to repurchase, or even look for different bars! These are the only two products I have ever tried from LUSH, but I feel I am hooked now! I really want to go back and look for some body was bars, and Sam has already mentioned about a beard oil he has seen, so I think he is into it as well.

Have you tried any of their products, if so I would love to hear about it! Thanks for reading, Jade xo


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