Mystery Blogger Award/1

Hey Guys, I have been nominated by the wonderful MaquillagewithLailani for the Mystery Blogger Award. Do yourselves a favour and go and check her blog out! Its so beautiful and every post is so fun to read! I would like to thank her for the nomination.


  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
  • Answer the questions from the nominator
  • Nominate 10-20 people (I’m only doing 5)
  • Share a link to your best post(s)
  • Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog
  • Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice

My Best Post So Far 
Is The Makeup Tag Ft My Boyfriend. – This has the most views.

Three Things About Myself:

-I work as an Administrator, and am returning to college in September to study Construction & The Built Environment, to then further my education and progress onto University to become a Quantity Surveyor.

-Me and My Boyfriend are currently in the process of a Mortgage. The offer has been accepted, we are just waiting on the Solicitors to complete their part and the contracts can be signed!

-I am currently trying to train myself for a 5K I have coming up in July. I find motivaiton to do exercise really hard to find most of the time! If you have any tips I would love to know!



What was your inspiration that got you in to blogging?

If you have been with me from the very beginning you will know that this blog actually started in 2015, under a completely different name. But this year, I decided I would really get back into it. So I took to the laptop and re-launched my blog. I decided to restart my blog because I had missed it so much! I am actually only working 4 days a week, so I have a lot of spare time on my hands, and going out and about doesn’t appeal to me very much, so I decided to fill it with blogging! I think my inspiration to re-launch was my boyfriend! I was a little worried at what he might think about it at first, but he fully supports it and makes me want to become the best version of myself I can be – EW Cringe! – Just don’t tell him I said that, I will never hear the end of it otherwise!

If your blog was a subject different from the one you post on, what would it be?

I have really struggled with this, because I love posting and writing about makeup, and the things I get up to away from the laptop! But, I think if it was anything it would be Manta Health and sending positive messages to people. Mental health is a subject very close to me – having suffered for many years, and maybe I could reach out to other people. I love makeup far too much though! Sorry guys!

If you could claim the invention of something, what would it be?

Sometimes I think about a new invention to myself, and then google it to realise it has already been invented, Anyone else?! But if I could claim the invention for anything, I think it would have to be Tortellini Pasta! I love the pasta so much, if you haven’t tried it please do! All it is, pasta with balls of different filling inside! So simple yet so amazing. My favourite flavour is the Spinach and Ricotta.

What are your desert island makeup products?

I feel there should be a limit on this question, other wise I would simply say ‘all of it’. But for the purpose of this question I am going to give myself a limit of 5 items. The first without a doubt would be Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. This is my all time favourite concealer, and if I’m on a desert island I’m guessing  wont be sleeping very much – this removes those sleepless nights’ dark under eyes! My second item would be Lip Balm. I’m not sure whether it counts as a makeup item, but I need lip balm no matter where I am. My lips are always so dry and chapped! My third item would be Mascara. This makes my eyes look so much more awake than I actually feel! Its an essential for every day. The fourth item I would take with me to a desert island would most definitely be bronzer, I love the golden look it gives my skin. If I’m on a desert island I want to make my skin look nice and tanned with my bronzer. And last of all, I couldn’t go anywhere without a highlight. I am just so in love with the look it gives me, I cant help but put it in my desert island makeup!


How old were you when you started wearing makeup?

I started wearing makeup when i was around 13/14. I started off with a Miss Sporty 8 Hour wear foundation. It was a bit dark for me – I would just get the same shade as my friends without realising I was a lot paler than them! So I would have foundation too dark for me, and would take it on my hands and just rub it in. I would apply some in the morning before school, and then once I had returned and was getting ready to meet my friends I would then apply more! I also wore some black pencil eyeliner on my waterline and just below, to make it look darker? What was I thinking! And would apply about 10 layers of mascara, I remember not washing any of my makeup of either. The mascara would just build up so much that it would flake of onto my cheeks during the day, and I rememeber sitting there and pulling it from my lashes, where there was just so many layers it would come off!


And The Nominees Are..

1. ChaiAndLipstick

2. PoisonedAnnie

3. Gracethroughgoodbeauty

4. GlamWithPlatinumm

5. Cassixmakeup

My 5 Questions For You:

  • ​If you could only use one makeup brand what would it be and why?
  • Whats your personal favourite post that you have made?
  • Have you met any of your Blogging friends, if not who would you like to meet?
  • Whats your goals for you blog?
  • Whats your worst bad habit within beauty? – I always forget to moisturise!

Again, thanks for the nomination! If you would like to take part in this then please do! I would love to see some of your answers to these questions! Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading, Jade xo

P.S: This post was meant to go up yesterday, I had scheduled it – it has posted and then i realised there was no text! My kitten *Kiko, has been climbing all over my laptop and must of removed the text, and i never realised until it was posted! So i removed it, and rewrote it for you all!


10 thoughts on “Mystery Blogger Award/1

  1. omg I absolutely love reading your posts, I’m so happy I found your blog and I can’t wait to read more!!! Congrats on this award hehe!! ❤ xx


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