We Got A Kitten!

Hey Guys, Me and Sam have had out eye on a kitten for a few weeks now, we have just been waiting for her to get old enough to be away from her mother. It felt like forever that we was waiting, but the day finally came on Sunday! We went to their house to go and view her, and fell in love with all three of the kittens they were selling – sadly we could only leave with one! I would like to share with you the things you need to purchase and need to do in order to make your home kitten friendly!

The first thing I would suggest – for before you even go. Is to have a few kitten names you like already. I find if you have a couple then when you meet the kitten you can decide which one suits it better. Me and Sam made this mistake and then took over 2 hours scrolling the internet brainstorming names. We have decided on Kiko!

You will need to purchase the obvious things, like cat food & food bowls – I recommend going into your local supermarket for this, there is always some sort of deal on the pouches. Always read the label and make sure you purchase the ones designed for kittens – as the adult pouches don’t have as many vitamins and minerals for the kitten to grow. I don’t think dry food is necessary when you first get the kitten, as their teeth are not strong enough for the biscuits yet. I purchased them anyways, so when she’s ready so am I! I feed Kiko three times a day, each time giving her a third of a pouch, so she has 1 pouch a day in total. This will increase gradually as she grows. Another essential is a litter tray. They will be far too you to go outside just yet, if that’s your plan for them, so they will need to have somewhere private for them to do their business. I got one from Pets At Home, and it has a lid covering it. I like this one because it makes it more private for the kitten, and it conceals the smell a little better. I like to scoop out the poop as soon as she has left it for me, and put it into a little doggy bag, and then toss it straight into the bin. I find this is better as you don’t need to go through cleaning the whole tray as often, and the source of the smell is being removed straight away. Personally, I like to put the litter into a litter tray bag also, as this makes cleaning the tray a lost easier, as all you need to do is remove the bag and the messy litter goes with it.

As a baby kitten they are very playful. I would recommend getting lots of different toys. I like the ones tat are on the string as they are a lot easier for me too use, as I can just sit with it in one hand and carry on with what I was doing. You will also need to think of the hours that you are at work and the things the kitten can do by itself to keep itself entertained! I personally like to get the small balls that have a bell in, as the noise keeps the kitten more enthused and the ball will roll away by itself. If you have already got a toy on a string you can always just hang this somewhere and the kitten will play by itself. Playing with the kitten on its first arrival will make it feel a lot more welcomed and make its surroundings seem fun and safe.

When you first get the kitten home you will need to slowly introduce it to your house, allowing it go into just one room at a time. They will also need a few small places to hide – especially if you already have animals or children as they can be frightening to a small kitten. Having a space for just the kitten to hide will make it feel a lot more safe, so when there is something that scares them they can go into their own small hiding place until they feel it safe to come out. Kiko loves it underneath the bed! I thought I had lost her for ages and then she just strolls out from under the bed and grabs some food. Another thing I did was a took a blanket along to her sellers house with me, so that when she got back she had something that she would feel safe on as it smells like her previous home. When the kitten first gets back they will be more interested in exploring than cuddling. I really struggle with this as a love kittens and want to cuddle them all the time – but there is loads of time for cuddles. This is a new place, and just like and of us we like to explore and feel familiar with our surroundings.

That last thing is patience! You’re going to need a lot of it! I actually took the following day off work so Kiko wasn’t alone in the new house, and she can quickly learn the rules of the house. I like to be in the room with her for the majority of the day so she can get used to me, and I can teach where she can and cant go. Training a kitten is hard, and it will get repetitive, but if you keep it up the kitten will soon learn where they aren’t allowed to go. I am still trying to teach Kiko that she isn’t allowed behind the shelf where all of the cables are, but she still insists on going there!

Do any of you have any pets? If yes I would love to hear about them in the comments! Thanks for reading, Jade xo


13 thoughts on “We Got A Kitten!

  1. Awwww! It’s such a cute cat omfg. I’m a HUGE fan of cats. I love kitties. I actually have 3. My cat had 4 kitties but we gave two away so we were left with two. They are absolutely adorable. Cats are my all time fave animal. 💖💖
    I’d love it if you could check out my blog. 💗🙂

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  2. The mom is called Serafina, while the kitties actually have really random names. 😹 We call the boy Calmy because he was always the calm one out of the rest and the girl kitty we just call her crybaby cause she always cries!!! The names are actually so funny but it’s mostly because we weren’t really thinking of keeping them and we might give them away (we have a dog and two hamsters already!) They are so cute though. I could literally talk about cats all day.

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  3. That’s brilliant!😂 I love that! Wow! I have got a cat and a dog at
    my mums house. But the cat is so boring she like avoids all people all the time!🙄 Omg, me too!😍🐱 I love them so much!xo

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