#Revoholic Makeup Look.

Hey Guys, I have been lucky enough to get my hands on the Makeup Revolution #Revoholic Eyes Palette. I would like to share with you the look I created, along with the things I did wrong, but changed to create the final look. If you would like to get your hands on this palette, then click here for the details.

Unfortunately this palette does not have the shade names anywhere to be found, so as I mention one I will number it and then at the bottom I will insert a picture of the palette with the corresponding numbers on it.

My first step was to the red/orange shade (1), I put this into my crease and blended well up to almost the brow bone. This colour is super pigmented, as I learned the hard way! So you will only need to dip your brush into it once, not swirl it round like I did! I then took the brown/red shade (2) into the crease again. I tried to not blend this one up as much as I did with the previous shade, as I wanted the crease to be more defined. I found the first shade was a little too dark for me to have actually put in the crease – but I decided to work with it anyway! So Shade (2) was in the crease, and I applied this to the outer corner of my eye also. I actually decided I didn’t like the main crease colour, I felt it was too harsh and wasn’t blended well enough, so I took the two lightest shades (3&4) and applied this to the top of the crease colour to blend it out a little more and make it look a little less harsh. I then took my favourite shade in the palette The blue/grey (5) onto the entire lid, I sprayed my brush with a little Fixing Spray before applying a second coat because it didn’t come out as much as I had hoped at first; applying the spray definitely helped. I then took the darker blue (6) and the darker green (7) and mixed these together to apply to the outer third of my eye, creating a little more definition. The last shadow I applied to my lid was the shimmery bronze/gold (8) into the middle part of my eye on top of shade (5) in order to give the middle of my eye a little more shimmer to make it stand out more.

I then went onto my eyeliner, and accidentally got some right in the inner corner of my eye, so I left it there and decided to improvise later on. I always do my eye makeup before anything else, so I carried on with the rest of my face, and eyebrows. Because I was too excited to finish the rest of the eye makeup I kind of left my face – with no powder products; I forgot to add powder until after! I then went on to complete the look with my bottom lash line. I applied a black shadow from a different palette, as this one doesn’t have a black – and I don’t think I need it in all honesty as there is so many different darker shades instead. But for this look I decided to add black to the outer part of my eye – I wasn’t supposed to blend it into my winged liner but it had happened, so I left it. I then applied shade (5) to the inner half of the eye, trying to lighten the black a little. I then decided to take a makeup wipe and remove the black shadow just underneath the winged liner. I sprayed my brush and applied shade (5) to this part. In my opinion it was too much of a dark colour to add there, as you couldn’t really notice any difference between the black and the colour. So I then removed that again, and applied my white liner in the gap instead.

I then added mascara – I feel this would look so much better with fake eyelashes, but I just can not be dealing with this again! My first and last attempt was awful! So I finished the rest of my face makeup, added a little too much of my new favourite highlighter and added a lip stick.

So, although this look was full of so many mistakes I am really happy with the way it turned out, and its completely different to anything I have done before. I love the blue/grey shade! Its now one my favourites, I just think its so beautiful! I you have this palette I would love to see any looks you have created, for inspiration! Thanks for reading, Jade xo

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