Vaseline Uses.

Hey guys, today I would like to share with you the different ways I like to use Vaseline. It has been one of my staple products for as long as I can remember, meaning I have has lots of time to practise these and give them an honest review.

The first use is naturally to talk about it as a lip balm. There is so many variety of Vaseline Lip Balm, ranging from pots to sticks. Personally, I prefer the stick version as it is easier to apply and isn’t as greasy feeling as you don’t need to apply it with your fingers. The pots are still very good with different scents and looks for you too find the right one for you.

Another way I like to use Vaseline is as a moisturiser. Especially on my elbows, as these can get very dry. I warm a small amount between my fingertips then apply directly to my skin. I would avoid doing this while wearing clothing though as it will leave a horrible residue. It can also double as a face moisturiser as well, rubbing a small amount into the skin before bed left my skin with a natural healthy glow in the morning.

I also tried the ‘Vaseline makes your lashes grow’ hype from a long time ago. And let me tell you, it doesn’t work! I didn’t find it to make them grow at all, it did make them look a lot fuller and healthier but I wouldn’t say that it helped them too grow. I only applied a tiny amount to the lashes as it is so close to the eye, and it stings a lot when the product gets into them – as it would with any product. I don’t recommend doing this on a regular basis as when you apply products that close too the eye, a small amount will go into the eye, and I don’t feel Vaseline is the best thing for your eyes!?

Applying a little amount of Vaseline to the skin before applying a powder highlight makes the cheekbones pop that little bit more. I preferred putting a little Vaseline on the back of my hand and then mixing it with the highlight there, as I found the Vaseline would make my foundation wear a little, and make my cheeks look super greasy. Or even on a no makeup day I like to apply a little with no powder on top, and it gives the cheeks a completely natural glow.

Mixing some eye shadow, blush or the rest of a lipstick into the Vaseline makes a sheer, shiny lip gloss. I liked to do this the most when I had only a small amount of vaseline left – as you can then store it in the pot! I would get the end of a bobby pin to stir up the product, add the powder – blush was my favourite outcome, then mix the two together with the pin.

Anyone else suffer from baby hair making your sleek pony tail look less neat? I applied a tiny amount to an eyebrow spoolie and then combed that through my baby hair too keep them in place. You could also do this with the hair that’s in the ponytail to tame the fly aways. Only use a small amount as too much will make the hair look greasy.

When constantly dying my hair I found if I rubbed Vaseline around my hair ling, careful not to get any on the actual hair – baby hairs are the bane of my life! Instead of the dye then transferring onto the skin, it would create a barrier and with a makeup wipe the dye and Vaseline is removed with a single swipe. You can also use the same technique for nail polish, using a Q-Tip to outline the nail leaving no nail polish on the skin.

If eye makeup removal is something you find a struggle to remove, as a lot of makeup removers can be harmful toy our eyes as the skin around your eye area is more sensitive then apply a small amount of Vaseline to your fingertips and rub onto your eyes – closed! And watch the makeup come right off. I found removing the Vaseline and Makeup concoction I had created on my face a little hard to remove. I would then go on to use a dry cotton pad to remove this from my face, because Vaseline is waterproof, and water based products will just create more mess.

The last use I would like to share with you is my favourite! I apply a tiny amount onto the areas where I want to apply perfume. I then spritz the perfume over the top, and it creates a perfume that will stay on your skin a lot longer! Instead of the perfume sticking to your skin, it sticks to the Vaseline – which is super long lasting!

What do you use your Vaseline for and which is your favourite produc? Thanks or reading, Jade xo


7 thoughts on “Vaseline Uses.

  1. These are all great uses. I like to apply before bed and massage it in. I find a tiny amount goes along way. I don’t think it’s necessarily bad to put near your eyes, but you have to be careful because it’s bad if it builds up on your inner under eye.

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  2. I love this product so much. It’s like a forever trusty best friend that will never let you down. I use it mostly for treating my chapped lips and for soothing dry patchy skin. Gonna try using it as eye makeup remover too, thanks for the tip. 💕

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  3. Wow, great usage! Yup I tried the Vaseline grows your eyelashes too!😂 doesn’t work! But yeah Vaseline has always been there at home, it quickly helps any dry patch! This post helped me to find more of it’s uses. Thankyou😊


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