Jade’s Month – April 2017.

Hey Guys, I know that Monthly Favourites are very popular within the beauty blogging community, so I wanted to start a monthly update with you where I mention a few of my favourite products but also what I have been up to.

My Favourite Beauty Product has been the B. Sponge. I actually only purchased this because it was on sale in Superdrug and a friend had mentioned it too me before. I had never got on with a sponge very well before this, as it just felt super unnatural to use, but I love this sponge. It blends my foundation very well, as well as all the other cream product I use. Its also super easy to clean which is always a bonus! I just run it under the warm water before I use it, apply a little hand soap and rub it into the sponge, you can see al of the product come off, its then damp and ready to use again!

3 Things That Have Made Me Happy this month. The first is the Camping Trip I went on. I have a post on that here, Even though that wasn’t the best first experience for camping it was a lovely weekend with the family. The Second is the process that me and my boyfriend are in at the moment to get our own flat. We have been to a few appointments and filled in many applications for this, and we have finally got the process under way. My Third thing is my plan to get a kitten! I had one a while back, but sadly she is no longer with me. Me and my boyfriend have been looking at kitten and have found one that we love, but she just isn’t old enough to leave her mother yet.

My Proudest Moment. I recently had a College interview for a course I would like to do. I  went into the interview very nervous, and came out very confident and proud that I had accomplished it. I have got a place, but I now have 2 courses to choose from, instead of just the one I originally wanted! I have a post on Interview Tips Here.

My Favourite TV Show / Book. Everyone has been talking about 13 Reasons Why, and I have jumped on board with this show as I read the book a few years back and loved it! I will have to say the book is a lot better, but I am only half way through the season. I just cant seem to binge watch this like most other have. As much as I love the way it has been produced, and the characters are amazing, I just cant seem to love it as much as everyone else. I think it might be because when you read about something so much you such high expectations for it, and I don’t feel it has met those – yet! I haven’t read at all this month, so sadly I don’t have a favourite book for you, but I have purchased a few more, so look forward to a book haul soon!

I feel everyone shares their favourite products while doing their monthly favourites, but what about your favourite experiences or your proudest moment? I would love to hear about them in the comments! Thanks for reading, Jade xo


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