Poundland Nail Polish Review.

Hey Guys, Im not one for painting nails on a regular basis, but recently I have really enjoyed having them painted – not the actual process! I cant say I am very good at it, but I can manage to get it onto the nail and it can look half decent. I tried a Poundland one because I had heard good things about them, here is what I think.

So I bought a beautiful shade called Lavender Cream as you can imagine by the name it is a lovely pastel purple, which is perfect for this time of year. First of all I applied my Collection 2-in-1 Longer&Stronger Nails. I applied this as a base coat (Which I now realise isn’t a base coat!) I like to apply this because my nails are very bumpy so I feel this evens them out a little to make the colour look more even. I then applied my first coat of the nail polish. I love the brush, its my favourite kind with a rounded square end it makes application a lot easier. I actually applied my Barry M Gelly Hi Shine (Shade Sugar Apple) onto my ring finer to test them against each other. The brush from the poundland one is my definite favourite. I then applied as second coat of each – I would love to say I have the patience to let them dry but I just don’t! Im my own worse enemy with nail polish. I also bought the Poundland – Makeup Gallery Matt Top Coat. So I used this as my top coat , but then went over it with my Ciate Top Coat. Why I thought it would stay matte I will never know!

Poundland Nail Polish Brush

The Matte Top Coat I am super impressed with! I have tried several before and I feel these just gave me a semi-matte finish, but with this one is was full matte. I love it! Again, the brush with this one is the same as the Lavender one with the Rounder Square edge. Speaking o the Lavender – the review! The colour was pretty opaque after the two coats I applied, although it did take a while to dry, but don’t they all!? Chipping: The first polish I noticed that had chipped was actually the Barry M one! The Makeup Gallery one actually held up pretty well! It took 3 days to chip, but once it did they all started to chip! Now 5 days later I have removed it because it just looked terrible. Overall I think I will give this an 8.5/10. For £1, who can complain, right!?

How do you guys keep your nail polish on so long?! Mine is on for less a week every time I paint them, I don’t know how you do it. Share your tips in the comments. Thanks for reading, Jade xo


6 thoughts on “Poundland Nail Polish Review.

  1. No me either, I always paint them and then within two days they’re chipped! I’m also far too impatient to let them dry properly, and almost always smudge them! So I’ve given up for while.

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