Interview Tips!

Hey Guys, Since my last post I have been to a college interview – which is a little more laid back than a job interview. So I would like to share my tips and tricks on how I prepared myself for this interview.

1: Research. Not only the college you’re applying for, but there are multiple websites on college interviews. The first step I took was too look at ‘typical’ college interview questions, took a note of them and half planned the answers.

2: Don’t Write a Script. An interview is more of a formal conversation, so don’t write a script and plan everything you’re going to say. Its more relaxed for you and the interviewer if nothing is too planned.

3: Have Questions. Go into the interview with more than one question to ask at the end. If you only take one its more than likely they will answer that. If they answer all of them, don’t say you didn’t have any just say something along the lines of ‘I did have a few, but you seem to have answered them’. If you’re feeling extra confident ask to take an email address so if any questions do come up you can email them.

4: Take a Notebook. Taking a notebook and jotting down a few notes will show that you’re interested in what they have too say. It also allows you to remember the details for when you leave – I don’t know about you, but as soon as I walk out of the building I give a big sigh of relief and forget almost everything that was said.

5: Dress appropriately. A college interview is a little more laid back than a job interview, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress smart. You can never be over dressed for an interview. That includes makeup and hair, make sure your makeup isn’t too bright and bold, going for a simple smoky eye, liner and a nude lip will work perfectly. As long as your hair is not in your face it should look tidy and neat. If you play with your hair a lot tie it up, and just remove the temptation.

6: Be Confident. This is the one thing I really struggle with, being confident comes naturally to some people. unfortunately I am just NOT one of those people. Standing straight, a handshake on first arrival and a formal outfit is only half of it. If you say something wrong try not to fluster about it, just laugh it off and don’t make it into a big deal. Maintaining eye contact make you look interested as well as confident, nothing is worse than talking to someone and their eyes are all over the place. Sit still with a nice posture. That does not mean you have to sit perfectly straight with no movement, you can move, but try not to fidget. One thing I always do – which I didn’t actually notice until I was preparing for this interview, I am constantly playing with my ring that I wear. So for the interview I actually didn’t wear it.

7: Turn That Phone OFF! I didn’t even take my phone into the room with me, but most people might need to for the afterwards of the interview. If you do take it into the room with you then make sure it is turned off. You do not want the ringtone you thought was cool for your best friend going off in the interview! To eliminate it all, just turn it off.

Have any of you had an interview recently?! Can you add any tips to my list? Thanks for reading, Jade xo


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