Things To Cheer you up!

Hey Guys, Sometimes I get those days where getting out of bed can be extremely hard, let alone going to work, plastering a smile on my face and completing yesterdays ‘to-do’ list that I didn’t have time for. I feel there is too much work in my life, and not enough relaxing time for myself. I have previously mentioned my and boyfriend are saving, so there is little ‘me money’ left. As my Pinterest obsession has really spiralled I have found and tried so many of their ideas to help boost my mood, by spending very little money and would like to share my ideas with you today. I think Me Time is very important, your body needs caring for and there is no better person for that than yourself!

  • Sit in the sun. The weather has always had a big impact on my mood, make the most of the sun and go and sit outside!
  • Make your favourite drink. I love sitting with a lovely drink and just doing nothing much. My personal favourites are Tea, Hot Chocolate and Strawberry Milk.
  • Use a face mask. You know there is one somewhere in that drawer of yours! Get it out and apply it to your face, it helps your skin to feel healthier.
  • Light your favourite candle. Having your favourite scent in the room will always cheer you up, right?!
  • Paint your nails. When I have my nails painted I feel so much more put together, anyone else?!
  • Listen to music. No matter what mood I am in Demi Lovato always cheers me up, I love her music! Who is your favourite artist?
  • Take a walk. Walking will clear your mind and make you feel more active, even if its just a little walk round the block.
  • Use your favourite body wash. There is nothing better than being in the shower and using your favourite scented body wash! It makes you feel so much more pampered.
  • Bake! Personally, I’m not the best at baking, but when I manage to do it and make just a few cookies I am very proud of myself.
  • Go for a fancy coffee. There is so many Starbucks items on their menu, there is a drink for everyone! Go and grab yourself a drink and people watch – that’s one of my most favourite activities!
  • Talk to someone you love. Whether is a phone call to your mother, texting a friend or visiting your grandparents. Talking to someone you love will always boost your mood.
  • Read. Reading takes you away from the room you in and into a completely different universe.
  • Watch your favourite tv. Watching tv will distract you, re-watch a movie, catch up on some omnibus or watch new episodes of your favourite series.
  • Enjoy your favourite foods. Food can be a very difficult thing for some people, but making your favourite foods and eating them will make you feel a little better, because I mean who doesn’t love a slice of strawberry cheesecake?!
  • Go to bed early. Nothing feels better than waking in the morning feeling are well rested and had a good sleep.
  • Take a nap. So, it may not be late enough to get yourself ready for bed, but taking a nap may not be the best thing for your sleep pattern, but it does make you feel refreshed afterward – the best nap time is 26 minutes.
  • Go for a jog. I must admit, I enjoy running but really struggle to find the motivation to go! If your a motivated kind of person, Please share your tips! Running really helps to boost your mood, and makes you feel a lot healthier!
  • Play a game. Whether its a video game on your own, or a board game with friends and family a game is there to allow you to have fun. Take advantage of that!

Last of all smile! Smiling will force you too feel happier, if you don’t feel it when you’re smiling the smile looks more like a grimace and that just looks odd. Sometimes life can get on top of people, and it does start too feel overwhelming. I believe in taking at least 15 minutes of your day and make it completely all about you! You deserve it! Positivity can be hard to find sometimes, and it might take a while to feel more positive, but keep working at it and it will happen.

What do you do to treat yourself? Thanks for reading, Jade xo


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