The Makeup Tag. Ft. My Boyfriend.

Hey Guys, I seen this post on miasoutherton‘s site and had to try this for myself.

1: How much do you know about makeup?

‘Uhh. That you like it! I know a little about contouring, but I don’t know how to do it!’

2: Have you ever bought me something you didn’t know what it was?

I don’t think so.

3: Name something you have bought me.

Revolution Contour Kit – I Think! ( It was actually a sleek one, but the product was right!)

4: Can you describe that item?

It had about 8 palettes of different colours.

5: When I give you an item can you describe what it is?

Foundation: you put it on your face to make you look a little bit tanned, don’t forget to blend in the neck! – Shade porcelain, that’s to make you look like a doll.

Beauty Sponge: The creature from the British gas adverts. It blends foundation, it’s damp to get in the hard parts.

Concealer: Helps cover spots and blemishes. (He actually said blemishes before he read it!)

Mascara: This goes on your eyelashes to make them look long. – it smells!

Eyeliner: This is to make your eyes look bigger or open wider, and then you do the little line to the side.

Primer: Is this like a foundation?! No idea.

Bronzer: I think this is blusher, it brightens your cheeks.

Lipstick: I think this is lipstick. I don’t like lipstick because when you wear it you don’t kiss me.

Powder: I think this ones blusher as well.

Brow Powder: This one is to make your eyebrows look on fleek! Different colours for different shades of eyebrow, like a filler for the gaps – make it look thicker.

Highlight Palette: I like the mirror. This one is more blusher depending on your mood.

Setting Spray: Spray it on your face to keep the makeup there.


6: Do you think you could do my makeup how I do it?



I would love for you to take this and make your own! I would love to see what your boyfriends say.

Thanks for reading, Jade xo


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