Brow Maintenance.

Hey Guys, I got my eyebrows threaded for the first ever time around 3 weeks ago and as you know it can take only a matter of days for them to look on fleek completely untouched. So today, I decided I had had enough, and instead of going back to the salon to get them threaded again there is a few steps I took in order to make them look half decent again.

The very first step I made is to brush them through, it makes such a difference with just a little brush through – I use a little spoolie *Side note: How do you guys clean yours? Mine is in desperate need of a clean, but I am unsure of how to do it!

The next thing I do is to pluck all of the stray hairs, I get a lot of hairs in really odd places so I make sure they’re removed before I start on the actual brow. I then pluck the hairs that are very obviously outside of the brow shape, like the random hairs that make them look super bushy. I then brush through the brow again to ensure all loose hairs are removed.

Once I feel there is a slight brow shape again, I brush all the hairs upward to cut the end off with little scissors – I think they’re little nail ones?! I like to do this as it makes them look less messy because the hairs are shorter, and they cant stray away as much. I never brush them down to cut them though as I feel this makes the hairs a little too short, making it appear to have more sparse areas meaning I need to use more product and time to do them in the mornings.

The next thing I do is get my eyebrow razor and just go around the edges. I know so many people are against this, but I love to use them! It makes it so much easier to create a nice brow shape, by making the eye brows perfectly straight on the top – I don’t tend to use it on the bottom as I find it a little awakes and I’m too scared I’m going to cut myself as the skin there is a lot more soft.

I then go back and pluck the hairs I feel are now out of place and make the brow shape more precise, I create the arch as well when doing this. I don’t like too big of an arch as I feel this makes them look very unnatural on my face.

I like to do this myself as it saves me time because I don’t have to go into the salon and get them done. It also saves me money, why spend money when you can do it yourself to get you through a couple more weeks?! Its also SO much less painful! If you’ve ever had threading done you’ll know, I mean people say it gets less painful the more you do it. But I am not sure I want to go through that again!

What do you do to your brows when they need a touch up? Thanks for reading, Jade xo


2 thoughts on “Brow Maintenance.

  1. Yes. It hurts more than waxing, but it also lasts longer and you don’t need to get it done as often. Apparently it gets less painful the more you do it! I don’t know about that as I have only had it done once, but I would recommend it if you could handle the pain.

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