Treat To Myself.

Hey Guys! Welcome to my first makeup haul with my new and updated blog page. This is only a small haul, as I have decided to take part in a little ‘treat myself scheme’. Me and my boyfriend are currently saving up to a place for the two of us, meaning there is very little spending money for the ourselves at the moment. I have decided to put a little money aside every week – if I accomplish certain things within the week, to treat myself with. As I did the things I put aside to do last week, I could go into Superdrug and get myself a few things, as there have been products I have had my eye on for a while.

The first thing I picked up is the Gosh X-Ceptional Wear Foundation (Shade 11 Porcelain). I have only used this once, but I would like to share my first thoughts with you on this product. I applied this with a brush as I was in a bit of a rush before work and forgot to wet my B. Sponge. I have dry skin, and throughout the day this clung to the dry patches pretty badly. I applied a primer, which wasn’t a hydrating one – which could have been part of the problem. The coverage was very good – it covered the sun burn I had on my cheeks and nose from the lovely weather over the weekend! This foundation comes in a plastic tube with a squeeze action required to get the product out. Personally, these are not my favourite as I ALWAYS squeeze waay too much product onto my hand. I am going to try applying this with my sponge to see how this applies, as I’m holding out hope for this! Still on the lookout for a good foundation, s I mention in a previous post here.

The next thing I seen was a beautiful nail polish from Barry M (Shade 531 Sugar Apple). I decided to buy a Gel nail polish as I begrudge paying money for people to do my nails when I can, try, and do them myself. They sort of looked half decent! I haven’t used a Gel polish before so it could just be the way they are made, but the formula was very thin and I have to apply at least 3 coats for a good colour pay off. I always expected a gel polish to be have a pretty thick consistency? The colour is lovely though, its a very pale pastel blue/green. But after less than 48 hours they have chipped rather badly!

As all cosmetics was 3-for-2 in Superdrug I decided to get a pen eyeliner which I have been wanting for a while. The one I choose was the MUA Winged Wonder Liner. Now, there was a choice between two when I was looking and I really wish I had chosen the other now! This as a very strange nib shape and I was very sceptical to try this out, because how on earth anyone would find this easy to create a wing I would never know. But, I tried it. The nib wasn’t the main problem I found with this, it wasn’t too hard to create a nice wing with it, laying it sideways created a thin enough line to do so. The problem was that there was just no product getting to the end of the nib, so when I was trying to go over the line I had already done, it was just completely removing it! I would go over again and again and absolutely no product was coming out. This will be going straight into the trash after I have posted this!

The last thing I purchased was the Makeup Revolution Flawless 2 Eyeshadow Palette. I love Makeup Revolution as a brand, and their eye shadows are my ultimate favourite. I’m afraid I don’t have a first impressions for you today as I am waiting until I have some time to really play with these shadows. The pigmentation is amazing, as always, ill post a picture of some swatches down below. The packaging is good as well, with a lovely purple box on the shelf, on the back of the box there is the colours that are in the palette *Side note: These colours are slightly off. With a big mirror on the inside, and a sheet of plastic with each shadows name over the top of the shadows itself! The perfect mix of matte and shimmer shades.I don’t like too many shimmer shades within a palette but there is only 13 in here, with a total of 32 shadows. I actually purchased this because it was on sale in Superdrug from £8.00 down to only £5.00 – it was a no brainer really!

Have you purchased anything new recently – Never forget to treat yourself! Thanks for reading, Jade xo


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