My Candle Collection

Hey Guys, as a typical girl I have a lot of candles! I am in love with them at the moment, I have very recently been gifted with a wax burner meaning my candles have been replaced, or so I thought! I managed to smash them up to create wax to put into said burner. I am so glad I can do this as I had a few candles – which were my favourite, that was on their last little bit. So I have managed to make them last a lot longer by putting the remaining wax from the jar into the burner. I would like to share with you my most loved candles within my collection.

The first I would like to talk about is Yankee Candle Cherries In Snow. This was a gift too me around Christmas time, and was the one that reminded me of how much I loved them. It was the perfect scent for winter time, as it isn’t too sweet or natural, its a rather unnatural smell. Yankee Candles are one of the best candle makes I have found at an affordable price, the scent will fill the room within minutes of lighting, and has a strong scent as soon as you remove the lid. The only bad thing I will say is the one I got burned down completely uneven, so if I didn’t have the wax burner there would have been so much wasted wax, for the size of the candle there definitely needed to be at least 2 wicks – Not just the one.

Ikea sell lovely scented candles, but I find as soon as you light them the scent seems to disappear and there is no use for the candles. Which is why this particular set is just for show as there is a really lovely pattern on there.

Tesco have their own range of candles inspired by Yankee Candles called Home Inspiration. I really like these as they are more accessible to me as I have a Tesco Superstore within my town, I also like these because they are a little cheaper than the Yankee Candle originals and they are always on offer when I look. My most favourite one from this range is the Salted Caramel scent, as well as the Cranberry Zest.  This is a very sweet smell, so if you’re not into that this wont be the one or you. Its has a very strong smell as well, and will last within the room for hours after it has been blown out. One thing I will say with these candles is that they don’t burn for very long, I do light them as soon as I get home from work and then don’t normally blow them out till just before bed, but they only last a few days. They burn evenly but there will still be a large amount at the bottom that wont burn, which is what I have used for my was burner.

Another thing I like is the small Yankee Candle sampler sizes they do. I eel they are the perfect size to give the right amount of scent into the room without it being too over powering. The ones I currently own are: Lemon Meringue, White Linen Lace, With Love, Sweet Petals and Pink Island Sunset. I got these as a gift and haven’t actually opened them yet, but I have opened a few and have loved each one equally. (In the picture these are the ones that have no label on them. I do find that irritating, if you don’t have a good memory you are going to suffer as when you open them to light the wick the label gets removed with it, so the name of the scent disappears. The Pink is Grapefruit, The orange is Mango Peach Salsa and the red is Sweet Apple.

Have you got any recommendations for some more scents? I’d love to hear them! Jade xo


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