My Top 10 Makeup Favourites.

Hey Guys,

I’m back! Again, yeah I know! But I am determined this time to make this blog page the one I have always wanted. Meaning ill be giving you all new posts twice a week, and spending the time to make them the best I can.


I want to start this off with the my ‘Top 10 Makeup Favourites’. If you have been with me since I actually started this page over a year ago then you know I have already done this-even if I have removed it to start fresh. That doesn’t mean this isn’t new, I have more than likely changed at least two of these, so that doesn’t mean you can skip out on this one!(;


My number 1 makeup product is, and I think will always will be, the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. This concealer costs a mere £4.19, and has the best coverage or the under eye area. I like to apply this under the eye, in a triangle shape, and then wait for around 5 minutes for it to set and then blend it out with my B. Beauty Sponge. The one thing I will say, is if you don’t set this with a powder it will crease up pretty bad.

The next product I felt I just needed to include within this list is the Collection Eyebrow Kit. This compact little kit has all you need to do your brows. It includes three shades of powder, along with a little clear brow gel to set them in place. There is also a small double ended brush, one side with slanted bristles with the other end being rounded-its the only brush you’ll need. If you travel a lot, or just like to take makeup out with you there is also a small mirror inside the packaging, I mean what more do you need from a brow product, right?

Another Collection product has to be their Lasting Colour Gel Eyeliner. This little pot of eyeliner has the staying power of a high end product, at just £3.99 from Superdrug I don’t feel there is a better option out there? It does come with a tiny brush within the box, but as you can imagine that is really difficult to use when applying eyeliner. This product doesn’t smudge, fade or transfer onto the lids which is another reason why this had made it into my top 10.

Moving away from Collection, I would like to give a mention to the MUA Bronze&Sculpt Contour Kit. Their packing for this is amazing, with their shiny gold lid and their compact mirror and two powders layered inside its perfect for on the go. I don’t tend to use the bronzer as much as I would like because I do have others I prefer, but the contouring powder is just perfect for us fair skinned people. It isn’t at all ashy but also isn’t orangey, it is the perfect shade for carving out those cheek bones and making them pop.

I have actually managed to find a better mascara than the Maybelline Lash Sensational! Would you believe it?! Maybelline have really got their head in the game with their mascaras, with their new product Push Up Angel. Applying this to curled lashes makes them look wonderful, with the ability to keep them curled throughout the day. Adding the lengthening and thickening look to the equation makes perfectly long luscious lashes. If you have tried this let me know, was you initially put off by the look of the wand, because I was! But as long as you use it the right way nothing can go wrong.

Makeup Revolution is another brand I adore, all their products are such amazing quality at such a small price. One thing in particular I love is their Redemption Palette Iconic 2. This is actually a dupe for the Naked 2 Palette, but at just a fraction of the price I know which one I prefer! I particularly like the brown shade as this is the perfect blending shade for any smoky eye look. This palette has all shades you need to create a natural look, with the right balance of shimmer and matte shades you can create the look you desire.

I feel Makeup Revolution have got their game on point in the Highlighter department also. With their Highlighter Palette Highlight there is three beautiful shades to apply to the check bones. My personal favourite is the one in the middle as this gives me such a natural glow to the skin. I like to set my face first and then apply the highlight as it gives it that little extra glow.

As Freedom as their sister brand it felt wrong not to include one of their items, so for this I have chosen the Pro Correct Palette. This has 6 cream colours perfect for the current colour correction hype. I like to use these with my fingers as I feel the warmth from my skin really helps to blend the colours out. I don’t like the white colour as much as the other 5 though as I think this is a little clumpy and I find it hard to work with. But I really enjoy using this palette and would recommend to anyone.

My last two products are lipsticks, because I am a hoarder when it comes to them and have far too many, but I just cant bring myself to throw them away, anyone else? The first of the two I would like to talk about it the cult Rimmel Kate 107. I love this burgundy red shade as an all year round colour, I know most people only wear it within the colder seasons. I will apply this in the morning and by the end of the day it is still on there in perfect shape. It doesn’t fade throughout the day, even when eating and drinking. I do find that it transfers onto EVERYTHING though, so if your planning to meet with the boyfriend maybe this isn’t the right one for this occasion! Another negative I would say is that if you find products on your lips uncomfortable then this might not be the right one for you, I can definitely feel this on the lips and it can be very drying aswell, but I am sure a lip liner all over the lips under this will solve this problem.

The second lipstick in my favourites is yet another Collection product-It’s the last one I promise! The whole Lasting Colour Lipstick is such a good range with colours for everyone in there. My personal favourite is Café Au Lait 22. This particular colour is my perfect brown nude shade. Although these don’t have the staying power as other lipsticks, these are very moisturising on the lips and have a good colour pay off. I like to apply this and then powder over the top for a more matte finish, it also makes it last a bit longer as you can apply multiple layers without it looking like you have layered it on.

So, there is my top 10 makeup products, what are yours?xo


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